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Renovation is the process of revitalizing a broken, damaged, or outdated structure.


Italian Renaissance

At the behest of his uncle, Mario Auditore, Ezio renovated various shops and landmarks within Monteriggioni. Renovating shops rewarded Ezio with greater discounts on items, while renovating landmarks allowed him to open treasure chests.[1]

While attempting to liberate the city of Rome from the Borgia, Ezio renovated multiple shops, stables, aqueducts and historical landmarks in the city. Before he could do so, however, he needed to take control of the district by eliminating a Borgia captain and burning their towers.[2]

During his quest for the Masyaf Keys in Constantinople, Ezio aided the Ottoman Assassins in taking back the city from the Byzantine Templars. After clearing out a den, Ezio was able to renovate shops and historical landmarks.[3]

18th century Caribbean

After acquiring command of Great Inagua, Edward Kenway was able to renovate shops on the island.[4]

Seven Years' War

After meeting George Monro, Shay Cormac renovated various buildings in New York City, the River Valley and the North Atlantic.[5]

Louisiana Rebellion

As part of her rivalry with other businesses, Aveline de Grandpré renovated several dressing chambers and equipment shops.[6]

American Revolution

During his time on the Davenport Homestead, Ratonhnhaké:ton revitalized the land by attracting new residents and renovating houses to be built.[7]

French Revolution

After becoming an Assassin, Arno Dorian renovated several shops in Paris.[8]


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