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"La Verdadera Destreza: Spanish swordmanship [...] I dedicated my life to bringing it to the world and I regret nothing. Well, almost nothing."
―Renardo Aguilar.[src]-[m]

Renardo Aguilar was a Spanish Templar, born in Spain to an influential family branch of the Bourbon dynasty.

Schooled in the art of La Verdadera Destreza, he became a master swordsman, as well as a lover of strategy. Believing the art to be the "highest education", as well as the Templars' best weapon against the Assassins, Renardo embarked on a journey to the Spanish colonies in Central and South America to bring his technique to the people. His dedication to this cause was so strong that it caused his relationship with Felicia Moreno[1] to break down, something he later came to regret.[2]

In 2013, his genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by the entertainment branch of the Templar company Abstergo Industries, to influence the general public via the Animus game console, under the title of the Duellist.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Renardo is ultimately derived from the Germanic name Raginald, formed of ragin (meaning "advice, intelligence") and wald (meaning "to govern, to rule"); in French renard came to mean "fox" after medieval fables featuring Reynard the Fox. Aguilar is a Spanish surname, referring to any of numerous locations called Aguilar or Aguilas, and it's derived from the Latin aquilare, meaning "haunt of eagles".



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