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René of Anjou (French: René d'Anjou, Italian: Renato d'Angio; 1409 – 1480), also known and Good King René, was a Count of Piedmont, Duke of Bar, Duke of Lorraine, Duke of Anjou, Count of Provence, and briefly reigned as King of Naples as René I until the kingdom's conquest by Aragon in 1442.

A member of the French Brotherhood of Assassins. He was the son of Yolande of Aragon, who served as Mentor of the Brotherhood.


In January 1429, after hearing of Jeanne d'Arc's perseverance in insisting to see Robert de Baudricourt, on instruction from his mother, René suggested to his father to invite Jeanne to visit. Impressed with what he saw, he reported back to his mother and ordered de Baudricourt to send her to Chinon.[1]

On 22 March, René was mentioned in conversation by his mother and Gabriel Laxart. She explained what René had done to help, and that he was unable to directly assist but would assist in other means.[1]



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