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Outside view of Remetch Ra

Remetch Ra was a rebel hideout located within the Isolated Desert in ancient Egypt. Hidden inside a mountain, several rebels including a blacksmith, called the hideout home.


In 47 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa visited the hideout. Recognizing Bayek as a Medjay, Nawa, one of the rebels, requested his help in locating two children who had run off in search of Alexander the Great's treasure. Two rebels who went out searching for the kids were later captured by Ptolemy's soldiers and were being held captive in Camp Hetoimazo. Bayek saved the two rebels and learned that the children were either at Alexander the Great's temple or in Theos Elpis Rift village.[1]

After rescuing one child in the temple Bayek was informed that other was headed to Theos Elpis Rift village. Bayek made his way to the village only to find that it was being raided by Ptolemy's soldiers. After dispatching them he spoke to the rebel, Sebni, and discovered the child was taken to Pissa Oros Citadel by the enemy's leader – Medon.[1]

After defeating the enemies and Medon, Bayek searched for the second child, finding him hiding in the back of a hay cart, waiting to escape. Together with Bayek at the reins they left the outpost and headed back to Remetch Ra to the other rebels. The rebels thanked Bayek for the rescue of the children and two rebels and for killing Medon.[1]




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