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Regret was a memory of Desmond Miles during his journey through the Animus Black Room.


Desmond Miles explored the Animus, wandering through an abstract recreation of how he came to Abstergo Industries.


  • Animus: Memory sequence archived. Warning. Recursive idle state instability. Stack overflow immanent.
  • Desmond: After nine years of being away, my old bitterness was back. I was tired again. I didn't want to admit that moving forward might mean taking a step back. But the shine of the city had faded. The freedom I felt was hollow without old friends, without family. And then... then they came for me. Abstergo. They had been looking for me. I couldn't believe it.
  • Agent: Mister Miles?
  • Desmond: Yeah...
    I spent half my life trying to forget everything my parents taught me, everything I thought was a lie.
  • Agent: Desmond Miles?
  • Desmond: Yeah, what's this about?
    And suddenly, I wanted it all back. All that training, all that time. But I couldn't. Those days. They were gone.
    Why are you doing this to me?
  • Vidic: You have information we need, Mister Miles.
  • Desmond: Information? I'm a bartender for Christ's sake!
  • Vidic: We know who you are. WHAT you are.
  • Desmond: I don't know what you're talking about!
  • Vidic: Don't play coy with me, there isn't time. You're an Assassin. You've got something my employers want. Locked away in that head of yours.
  • Desmond: Bastards! In a few short months, my life changed forever. I know my easiest days are behind me. But I don't want them back. Not now. My name is Desmond Miles... and I am an Assassin. I AM an Assassin.


  • Access to this memory was unlocked after collecting 30 Animus data fragments or through installing The Lost Archive.
  • The visuals of this memory tended to glitch, distort and be pixelated due to its instability. This was far more noticeable upon replay, as the graphics would display glitches more often, and would be occasionally replaced by a kind of void.
  • Unlike with other memories, the doorway at the beginning was already open, and it disappeared once Desmond stepped through it, being replaced with an approximation of the Abstergo parking lot. The entrance corridor was also very dark, compared to other memories' relatively well-lit corridors.
  • After entering the third floor, the track "Apple Chamber" from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's soundtrack began to play.
  • Despite the fact that Desmond denied using his real name before being captured by Abstergo, the memory showed him openly confirming his name to the Abstergo agent.
  • Unlike with other memories, stepping through the doorway at the end did not instantly trigger a return to the Animus Island.
  • The achievement "Are You Desmond Miles?" was unlocked after completing the memory.



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