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Red Fury was a virtual representation of one of Nikolai Orelov's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Nikolai Orelov infiltrated Ipatiev House to locate the box he had been tasked to retrieve.


  • Yurovsky: Torture them. Find out what they know... And then, kill them.
  • Orelov: Why would the Templars want to kill the Romanovs? Surely they won't murder the children. I can't concern myself with this. I have my own family to protect. I need to find that box... and then get Anna and Nadya far away from this madness.

Orelov started his infiltration.

  • Orelov: I should tread carefully. Templars are all over this place.

Having searched the first wing, Orelov continued.

  • Orelov: Nothing. Dammit, I can't let the Templars put their hands on it.

Orelov searched another wing.

  • Orelov: Still nothing. Where is that box? Maybe our intel is not so good.

Having searched the entire house, the Assassin overheard a conversation.

  • Guard 1: How's the interrogation going?
  • Guard 2: Not well. Sverdlov already had the Tsar and his wife killed. The kids are next, if they don't talk.
  • Guard 1: The Tsar is dead? I need to see that.
  • Orelov: They did it...they killed the Tsar...at least they don't have the box. Let's check this basement.

Nikolai infiltrated the basement.

  • Orelov: Where is that box?

Passing by a door, the Assassin overheard another conversation.

  • Guard 3: Kill them! Wait... one of them is missing. The youngest girl! She must have the box! Find her! Shoot on sight!
  • Orelov: Shooting children...if it wasn't for the mission...I would kill you all.

Orelov and the guards located Anastasia simultaneously.

  • Guard 4: Over there!
  • Guard 5: The girl, she's here!
  • Guard 5: There! Grab her!
  • Anastasia: No!

Orelov saved Anastasia.

  • Anastasia: Please, no!
  • Orelov: Easy. I won't harm you. I just need that box.

Nikolai's splinter of the Staff of Eden started glowing.

  • Anastasia: What... What is that, around your neck? What is it doing? Who... Who are you?
  • Orelov: Please, child, just give me the box.
  • Anastasia: No!
  • Guard 6: The girl! I can hear her! This way!
  • Orelov: I'm sorry, but I'm out of time!
  • Anastasia: No!


Orelov found Anastasia and the box. However, during the struggle, his piece of the Staff of Eden touched the box, triggering a reaction in Anastasia.



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