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Recon Work was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Apollodorus sent an agent, Iuseneb, to investigate a military camp. There's been no word back.


While in Herakleion, Bayek found a note on the informant's table left behind by Apollodorus, stating that one of his agents, Iuseneb, had not returned from one of his missions. Bayek reached the Mithidrates Roman Camp, situated at the eastern corner of Herakleion Nome, and infiltrated it.

  • Bayek: This is no farm, but a major military encampment.

He investigated a pile of bodies in one of the buildings.

  • Bayek: These were no soldiers. Simple farmers, bones ground up, heads like smashed cabbages.

He investigated scrolls on a table in another building.

  • Bayek: Hm. War plans... They are harnessing elephants to fight? And they are honing their killing instincts on the farmers?

He investigated a large piece of armour outside.

  • Bayek: By the horns of Amun! The size of this beast! The power behind it must be immense. It must have taken a full cow just to make this harness!

He heard voices.

  • Man: Please, sweet Iset, grand me release!
  • Man 2: Why call on the gods, fool? They have clearly abandoned us!
  • Bayek: Those ragged voices. Those must be the last of the farmers that they've imprisoned.

Bayek eliminated the soldiers and freed the captives.

  • Man 1: May Iset and Horus and Serapis and Anubis and...
  • Man 2: Hurry, fool! Thank them later!
  • Bayek: Does anyone know Iuseneb?
  • Iuseneb: What? That's me!

Bayek spoke to Iuseneb.

  • Bayek: Thank you, friend. While scouting the Roman forces, I foolishly fell into their hands. It's barbaric! They train elephants to battle with bloodlust, and force them to kill hapless prisoners to harden them!
  • Bayek: Can you make it back from here?
  • Iuseneb: Of course! I will find Apollodorus and tell him!

Iuseneb left.


Bayek infiltrated the enemy camp and freed the captives and the agent, discovering that Romans were training war elephants to battle using the helpless farmers to harden them.


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