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Recollections was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandrs sought out the collector on Ardos's advice.


Kassandra located the collector mentioned by Ardos in Gortyn.

  • Kassandra: You must be the Hoarder?
  • Collector: The Collector!
  • Kassandra: Dust Collector, maybe.
    I'm here about the Minotaur.

The man was visibly shaken by the name of the beast.

  • Collector: The... No, no, no, I don't—I can't—I don't know anything about the Minotaur!
  • Kassandra: Ardos sent me. He says you know things.
  • Collector: Ardos! The boy. Never talk to the boy. We all promised.

  • Kassandra: I'm not here to break bones. I'm here for information. Give it to me and I'll be on my way.
  • Collector: I'll answer your questions, but you won't ask the right one.
  • Kassandra: Can we not play games?
  • Collector: Fine. You're going to need Theseus's armor, which I sold to be part of a collection at the fort.

  • Kassandra: What you saw has scarred you.
    Those scars are starting to fade. Perhaps you'd like some fresh ones?
  • Collector: No - please - I have answers! If you aim to survive that - that beast in the labyrinth, I know what you'll need!
  • Kassandra: Tell me your secret, "Collector."
  • Collector: The armor of Theseus himself! It's the only thing that can withstand the beast. But it's not here, it's in the fort. I had to sell it!

  • Kassandra: There's nothing wrong with my armor.
  • Collector: Nikios thought his armor was the finest in the Greek world. He could have worn Theseus' when we found it, but I was the perfect fit. Minotaur struck me right in the chest... Should have died. But Nikios...?
    Don't make Nikios' mistake: Wear Theseus' armor.

(If players choose "What do you know about Ardos?")

  • Kassandra: What do you know of the boy?
  • Collector: Son of Nikios. Stubborn. A little shit.
    His father's son.
  • Kassandra: You remember him fondly enough, yet you refuse to speak to him.
  • Collector: If I speak, he might not listen. The truth is armor against little, misthios.

(If players choose "Who did you sell Theseus' armor to?")

  • Kassandra: You said you sold Theseus' armor. Who has it?
  • Collector: A military commander, stationed in the fort. He has a cave filled with all sorts of prizes. The armor is his crown jewel.
  • Kassandra: Sounds like a hard thing to part with.
  • Collector: No. Easy. That armor... it would have saved Nikios. It would have saved the boy's father. Yet I wore it. I didn't deserve... The armor haunted me. No point keeping ghosts in my collection.

("Leave – I've heard enough")

  • Kassandra: Breathe Collector, I've learned enough. If Theseus' armor is still in the fort, I'll find it.
  • Collector: There are more pieces of Theseus' armor, I've only managed to attain two of them.
    But someone stole one from me!
    If you find it, you can have it, but give whoever took it a piece of my mind. And perhaps a piece of your blade.

Kassandra made her way to Daidalos Fort, where the armor was kept at. She sneaked into the cave mentioned by the Collector. Within the cave, she found the armor set on its very own plinth.

  • Kassandra: Theseus' armor. It is real.
    I wonder how many more pieces of Theseus' armor are there...


Kassandra recovered an armor allegedly won by the legendary hero Theseus.


  • Though Recollections isn't required to progress Of Minotaurs and Men, the quest is required in order for Theseus' armor to spawn.


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