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Recollection was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Charles Dickens aids Jacob or Evie in investigating the source of their hypnotism and arresting the man responsible.


The hypnotized Assassin, now sane, returned to Dickens.

  • Dickens: Have you truly no recollection of the events that landed you in a cell?
  • Jacob: I remember what the other victims remember. A silver watch, the sound of a bell and a sort of shadow.
  • Evie: My mind is blank, save for the glint of a silver object, the toll of a bell, and a presence of some sort.
  • Dickens: A glint of silver and a tolling bell, eh? I must say, you look very tired.
  • Jacob/Evie: Yes. I am so very, very tired.

Dickens de-hypnotized the Ghost Club member, making Jacob or Evie recall Enzio's hypnotism.

ACS Recollection 2

Evie remembering her hypnotism

  • Enzio: Now you're going to do a little job of work for me, aren't you?
  • Jacob/Evie: Now I'm going to do a little job of work for you.
  • Enzio: You cost me a bit of money, mate, so I think it's only fair that you replenish my coffers with donations from the good people of London. You will steal money for me, won't you?
  • Jacob/Evie: Yes. I will steal money for you.

Remembering his or her hypnotized past, the Assassin had stolen money from three civilians.

  • Civilian 1: How dare you! Leave me alone!
  • Civilian 2: Help! Thief!
  • Civilian 3: Oi, get away from me, you dodger!

The Ghost Club member had returned to Enzio, giving the stolen money. The latter ordered him to surrender himself or herself to the police.

  • Enzio: Good, very good. Now, we can't have criminals like you roaming the streets. You will surrender to the police, won't you?
  • Jacob/Evie: Yes, I will surrender to the police.
  • Enzio: Oh, and when you do, you're going to do a silly little dance for them.

Darwin continued his story to the Assassin.

  • Dickens: I say, you gave me a terrible fright. Muttering about a man named "Ezio".
  • Jacob: Enzio Capelli. Not a demon, but a hypnotist. And he's not even Italian!
  • Evie: I was hypnotized by Enzio Capelli. Not a demon after all. Nor Italian, for that matter!
  • Dickens: I suspected hypnotism from the very start! You must find the villain.

Eventually locating the hypnotist, Jacob or Evie would find him hypnotizing some Blighters.

  • Enzio: You're going to stand watch while I ransack this house, aren't you?
  • Blighters 1: Yes. I'm going to stand watch while you ransack this house.
  • Enzio: You're going to obey the bell, aren't you?
  • Blighters 1: Yes. I'm going to obey the bell.
  • Blighters 2: Keep an eye out for valuables.
  • Enzio: What was that noise? Go take a look!

The Assassin tried to kidnap the hypnotist.

  • Enzio: Release me at once! I admit it! I'm not Italian! It was just for my act! Nobody wanted to see a British hypnotist!
  • Jacob: Oh, shut up!
  • Evie: I don't care.
  • Enzio: I'll give you anything you want!
  • Jacob: I want you to shut your mouth. Do you know a Doctor John Elliotson?
  • Evie: I would like you to be quiet. Are you a contemporary of Dr. Elliotson?
  • Enzio: Never heard of the man.
  • Jacob: Do you really think mesmerism would work?
ACS Recollection 3

Evie finishing her conversation with Dickens

  • Evie: Mesmerism as a criminal enterprise was not a bright idea.
  • Enzio: How dare you! I'm a hypnotist!

He or she placed him in a carriage for delivery.

  • Enzio: My body does not bend that way! This is really quite painful. Can we not work out an arrangement?
  • Jacob: Time to confess and free the people under your silly spell.
  • Evie: You will make reparation for your crimes and liberate the innocents you've used.


The Ghost Club successfully delivered the hypnotist Enzio Capelli to the police.



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