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Rebirth was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Having matched the floral symbol on the medallion with the window of the Sainte-Chapelle, Arno went there to find and obtain information from Pierre Bellec.


Arno arrived at the Sainte-Chapelle.

  • Arno: I suppose a simple address would be too mundane.

Arno investigated the inside of the Sainte-Chapelle, finding a mechanism on the second floor balcony.

  • Arno: "If you can pluck your head from your own arse, come find us."
    What's the light supposed to illuminate?
    What am I supposed to do with this medallion?
    Perhaps the sunbeam...?

Arno activated the mechanism with the medallion, setting off a timer and rearranging the room's chandeliers. After crossing the room, a hole opened in floor. Before it could close, Arno performed a Leap of Faith into the Assassin sanctuary located below the Sainte-Chapelle.

  • Bellec: Took you long enough, pisspot.
  • Arno: What is this place?
  • Bellec: A sanctuary. A place we can train and prepare, away from the eyes of our enemies.

Arno followed Pierre through the sanctuary hallway.

  • Arno: Didn't we just escape from a dungeon?
  • Bellec: It's not a dungeon. It's a nerve center. From these tunnels we can get anywhere in the city, all without being seen. We have eyes everywhere.
  • Arno: Really? Seems visibility would be a problem. Wouldn't you prefer something with a view?
  • Bellec: This place has served us well for six hundred years, pisspot.
  • Arno: Uh-huh. And how long were you standing in the dark waiting for me?
  • Bellec: Not long. Guillaume spotted you from the bell tower.
  • Arno: Well, it was quite the entrance.
  • Bellec: Are you mocking me?
  • Arno: No, no! God's truth. Very theatrical.
  • Bellec: Shut up. We're here.
  • Mirabeau: The candidate will approach.
    So the son of Charles Dorian returns to us. Bellec thought you wouldn't come. What changed your mind?
  • Arno: I'm tired of running from my failures. (Mister) de la Serre, my father... I want to make it right.
  • Beylier: The death of Grand Master de la Serre weighs on you. Why? Did you wield the blade yourself?
  • Arno: Does it matter? The blame still lies with me.

Trenet and Bellec spoke with each other in Arabic.

  • Trenet: (He carries his guilt heavily. Are you sure of this one?)
  • Bellec: (I am. He can face the trials. He can be great.)
Rebirth 10

Arno standing before the Council

  • Mirabeau: Very well. Out of the dark, you come into the light. From the light, you will return to the dark. Are you prepared to travel the eagle's path?
  • Arno: If that's a fancy way of asking "do I want your help," yes.
  • Mirabeau: Then drink.

Arno drank from a goblet and began the trials. The contents of the goblet induced a hallucination.

  • Arno: What's happening? Hello?

Arno recalled the day of his father's murder.

  • Young Arno: Can't I go with you, father?
  • Charles: Courage, my boy. You wait just here. I will return when this hand reaches the top. And there is to be no mischief.
  • Arno: Father!
  • Charles: Where is that boy? I'm certain I told him six o'clock - we should be well away by now.
  • Arno: Father, it's me! I'm here!

Arno saw his father being killed by an Assassin, representing his own sense of guilt.

  • Arno: Father! Look out! No!

Arno reached his father's body, discovering the letter he failed to give to François de la Serre. While chasing the Assassin, Arno experienced another vision.

  • Perrault: He must receive it today! It's very-
  • Arno: Very important. I heard you the first time.
  • Élise: You seem to have caused quite a commotion.
  • Arno: What can I say? You were always a bad influence.
  • Élise: You were a worse one.
    Go! I'll distract them.
  • Guard: My (God), he's killed Lord de la Serre!
  • Bellec: If you can pluck your head from your arse, come find us. You'd make a fine fit!
  • Élise: Haven't you done enough to repay my father's kindness?
    I found that on the floor of my father's study. Unopened.
  • Arno: I didn't know.
  • Élise: Neither did my father.
  • François: Truly, I am blessed to have such a loyal companion as you, my friend.

Arno then witnessed the Assassin killing his stepfather. After the visions of his two greatest failures, Arno arrived in a room filled with Assassins, the Assassin representing his guilt standing over the two bodies. Arno killed him, ending his trial. Upon awaking from the hallucination, Arno found himself in front of the Assassin Council.

Rebirth 29

Arno leaving the dream and meeting the Council

  • Mirabeau: These are the words spoken by our ancestors. The words that lay at the heart of our creed.
  • Beylier: Stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent.
  • Trenet: Hide in plain sight.
  • Quemar: Never compromise the Brotherhood.
  • Mirabeau: Let these tenets be branded upon your mind. Follow them, and be uplifted. Break them at your peril. Rise, Assassin.

As Mirabeau spoke, Bellec outfitted Arno with a Hidden Blade.

  • Mirabeau: Arno Dorian is dead. He has been culled from this world, with his sins and failures turned to dust. Tonight he is reborn, a novice of the Assassin Brotherhood.

Arno activated his Hidden Blade, and Bellec patted him on the back, welcoming him to the Brotherhood.


  • The goblet is inscribed with the words "Fraternitatem Numquam Periculare", Latin for "Never compromise the Brotherhood". This is the third tenet of the Creed.
  • The tone of the dialogues repeated from previous memories, for example, "You seem to have caused quite a commotion," and "What can I say? You were always a bad influence," is considerably different from the tone in the previous memory.
    • In case of the above-cited example, the tone changes from casual and playful in the memory High Society to distorted, unclear and almost expressionless in the illusion, indicating, perhaps, Arno's disturbed state of mind.


Arno was inducted into the French Brotherhood of Assassins.


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