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This article is about the in-universe video game. You may be looking for its real world counterpart.

Rebellion is an Abstergo Entertainment product created using a mobile version of the Animus 4.3 connected to the Helix servers, which was dubbed the Mobile Animus 4.38. The product was released in November 2018 and primarily dealt with the prelude to and immediate aftermath of the Granada War during the Spanish Reconquista, following Aguilar de Nerha and the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins as they fought the Spanish Rite of the Templars who operated under the guise of the Inquisition lead by Tomás de Torquemada.[1]

Through Rifts in the simulation, players could experience Events which occurred in other time periods, ranging from the Peloponnesian War to the Roman Empire's rule over Egypt.[1] During its 2018 anniversary Event "Echoes Through the Animus", the product's servers were hacked by an unknown individual using the handle 3P3EC74R, who revealed the next planned Event was to take place in the Golden Age of Piracy.[2] Features included in the product beyond the Helix Rift Events are the Helix Store, Animus Challenges, Animus Bonus Hours, Animus Carousel, and Animus Bounties.


Similar to Abstergo's previous release, Liberation, there is a section that seeks to shed light on the backstory of the characters. Though named Database on the former, Rebellion has it simply as Bios.

Adéwalé Aguilar de Nerha Al Mualim Aleksei Zima
Alexios Alkibiades Alonso Pinto Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
Álvaro de Espinosa Andrea Cortés Angela Carillo Apollodorus of Sicily
Aya of Alexandria Baltasar de León Bartolomé Ortiz Basim Ibn Ishaq
Bayek of Siwa Beatriz de Navarrete Bogi Three-Fingers Claudia Auditore da Firenze
Cleopatra Constanza Ramos Corvo Antonelli Dalla Aegirsdottir
Darius Domingo de la Torre Edward Kenway Edward Thatch
Eivor (Female) Eivor (Male) Evie Frye Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Faris al-Saffar Flora de la Cruz Gaspar Donozo Georgios Cardoso
Gershon Deloya Girolamo da Lucca Guthlaugr Stone-Eye Hamid al-Jasur
Heloise Horacio de Heredia Inigo Montañés Ishak Pasha
Irekanni Ivo Jolicoeur Jacob Frye Jacquotte Jolicoeur
Jaime del Rada Jariya al-Zakiyya Jean Delacroix Jibral Bin Said
Jora Blood-Shoulder Jorge Díaz Kassandra Kensa
Leonidas Lucas Bellini Luciano Cavazza Luis Chico
Luisa Gallego Lupo Gallego Magdalena Suárez Malik Al-Sayf
María Maria Thorpe Mario Auditore Mary Read
Mateo Galan Máximo Barrosa Mayya al-Dabbaj Murat Bin Husn
Muza ben Abel Gazan Najma Alayza Natakas Niccolò Machiavelli
Perina di Bastian Qasim al-Dani Rodrigo de Mendoza Rosa Gallego
Sayyid al-Abbas Shakir al-Zahid Sigurd Styrbjornsson Shao Jun
Tariq al-Nasr Tereysa de Lyaño Valka Ysabel Lomelin
Yusuf Tazim

Behind the scenes

Both Alexios and Kassandra have database entries that consider them as the protagonist of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, changing the order of who was born first. However, for both Aya of Alexandria and Natakas' bios, Kassandra is the only one referenced. This, along with the complete non-existence of Neema as a character in Rebellion, supports Kassandra as the canonical protagonist and Alexios' description is, therefore, an inconsistency.

Likewise, both entries for either gender of Eivor also consider them the protagonist of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. However, the presence of only Eivor's female form in the Helix Rift Event "The Ravens' Wound" as a non-player character supports her as the canonical protagonist and Eivor's male form is thus also an inconsistency.

On November 17th, 2020 María's bio was updated. So far, this is the only instance of this occurrence since the official launch.