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Rebel Strike was a virtual representation of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Derratos has arrived at a camp nearby. Put an end to his tyranny, and help Theodoros avenge the death of his father.


Bayek found a group of men sitting around a fire west of Soknopaiou Nesos, and approached them.

  • Bayek: Are you Theodoros' men?

The men rose up, weapons drawn.

  • Egyptian Rebel 1: Yes. And who are you?
  • Egyptian Rebel 2: He is the Siwan.
  • Bayek: I come on his behalf. He'll be joining us shortly with instructions.
  • Egyptian Rebel 1: Good! The soldiers are reeling, but it won't be long before reinforcements arrive. Come.

Bayek sat down with the rebels. At nightfall, Theodoros joined the group and spoke with them.

  • Egyptian Rebel 1: Theodoros!
  • Theodoros: Ready your blades and check your arrows. Derratos will be back at the camp before sunrise.

As the rebels prepared, Theodoros spoke with Bayek.

  • Theodoros: You're with me. But don't forget, he's mine!
  • Bayek: What is your stake in this? This is more about him than it is about your war.
  • Theodoros: My father grew figs in the Faiyum. The best. Derratos taxed him. An Egyptian has no choice but to pay. One season, the harvest was so poor that my father struggled to give his cut. Derratos figured him for a cheat, and took a bite of fruit to prove his point. He got a mouth full of worms. His men laughed, but Derratos was furious. I watched as my father was hanged from his own tree and picked at by every animal in the region.
    Derratos embodies the unjust. He is why I am who I am. I need you, Bayek.

The rebels spotted a trireme in the region.

  • Egyptian Rebel: Trireme!
  • Theodoros: The gods have brought us together for this. Justice will be served today.

Bayek followed Theodoros and his men as they mounted horses and ran to Derratos' camp.

  • Theodoros: For Egypt!
  • Egyptian Rebel 1: For your father, Theodoros!
  • Egyptian Rebel 2: Derratos dies today!
  • Egyptian Rebel 3: Leave no one alive! Clear the camp!

Bayek and the rebels attacked the camp.

  • Theodoros: There is no escaping now, Derratos. Face me!
  • Derratos: Ha ha ha! This one knows me by name. Good! I will crush your puny skull!
  • Theodoros: You don't remember, do you? Before this is over, you will. I have waited too long for this! Come on! Your tyranny is over!
  • Egyptian Rebel 1: Get him, Theodoros!
  • Egyptian Rebel 2: Let us overpopulate the Duat!
  • Egyptian Rebel 1: No one leaves here alive.
  • Egyptian Rebel 3: Do not clean your blades until all are dead.

Bayek and the rebels defeated Derratos and killed his men. Derratos was brought before Theodoros, who showed him a fig.

  • Theodoros: You remember now...

Theodoros shoved the fig into his mouth.

A rebel gave Theodoros a jar of oil, which he poured over Derratos. Derratos attempted to run for his life. Theodoros lit an arrow on fire and used a bow to shoot Derrator, lighting him on fire and killing him.

  • Egyptian Soldier: Glory to Theodoros!
  • Theodoros: Derratos has fallen.
    Finally. My father's Ka is at peace.
    Let's move. We have a long trek ahead.

Bayek talked with Theodoros.

  • Bayek: One more villain in the dirt. You've had your vengeance, Theodoros. Was it worth it?
  • Theodoros: Hah, I was wondering the same. I have not visited my father's tomb since he was killed by Derratos. I had to do right by him. And now, I have. Thank you, Bayek. Shame there are so few Medjay left. Your reputation precedes you.
  • Bayek: Save your blessings. There will be more battles to win.
  • Theodoros: Yes. May our victories multiply.


Bayek helped Theodoros to hunt down Derratos and avenge the death of his father.


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