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Rayhan was a Mentor of the Hidden Ones in the late 9th century.[1]


At some point during his 870s tenure, he sent a message to his student Hytham, who was staying at Eivor Varinsdottir's settlement of Ravensthorpe in England as he oversaw the bureau for his organization's latest chapter. In his letter, Rayhan recommended Hytham follow the example of his elder "brother" Basim Ibn Ishaq if he wished to rise through the Order's ranks.[1]

In 877, following the betrayal and apparent death of Basim, Rayhan sent another letter to Hytham expressing his dismay, and inviting him to council housed by Fuladh in Aluh-Amut to give a full accounting, and to confer a new rank.[2]

Behind the scenes


"Rayhan" is a transliteration of the Arabic name ريحان, meaning "fragranced herb".



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