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Raw Materials was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


In order to craft the knife for Myriam, Norris needed to acquire raw materials. Connor went with him to protect him from Redcoats.


Connor walked up to Norris.

  • Norris: Connor.
    I could use your help. Suis-moi. (Follow me.) I want to build her a new knife of steel I make special. I know where to get iron but the mine belongs to the English.
  • Connor: Will it take long to gather?
  • Norris: Non. (No.) A couple of blasts and I will have what I need. I just need you to stand watch. I will wait for you at the mine. It's not far, just off the property.

Connor met with Norris outside the mine.

Raw Materials 2

Connor meeting with Norris outside the mine

  • Norris: I need to prepare some explosive. My guess is the BANG will bring some unhappy English.
  • Connor: No doubt. I had best prepare some things myself.
  • Norris: Looks like you have a little time!

Connor prepared himself for the guards before hearing an explosion.

  • Norris: Sacredieu! (shit!) I think they are coming.
  • Guard: Somebody's in our mine!

Connor protected Norris from the guards.

  • Norris: I need a few more blasts! Be careful!

After another blast, a second group of guards arrived.

  • Guard: After 'em, boys!

After Connor defeated the guards, Norris set a third charge.

  • Norris: This is my last one! Just a little longer.

After defeating the third group of guards, Connor saw Norris coming out of the mine.

  • Norris: Got everything! Time to go!


Norris retrieved enough iron ore to craft a new steel skinning knife for Myriam.


  • Norris states the mine is "just off the property", when it is actually in the Packanack region in the west of the Frontier.



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