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The Raven Clan was a group of Vikings led by their king, Styrbjorn Sigvaldisson of Fornburg. In 872, Styrbjorn pledged fealty to Harald Fairhair and his vision of a unified Norway. This decision resulted in many of the clan, led by his son Sigurd Styrbjornson and adopted daughter Eivor Varinsdottir, to leave and start a new life in England. There, they became embroiled an ancient struggle between the secret organizations of the Hidden Ones and their mortal enemies, the Order of the Ancients.


Formed sometime in the 9th century, the Raven Clan lived in Norway with a host of other clans. However, endless wars and lack of resources at home made survival exceedingly difficult.[1]

After a two-year journey[2] to Constantinople,[3] Sigurd Styrbjornson, son of King Styrbjorn of Fornburg, returned home with the Hidden Ones Basim Ibn Ishaq and Hytham.[4] There, the two Hidden Ones met Sigurd's adoptive younger sibling, Eivor. As they quickly grew acquainted with each other, Basim proved influential in helping convince Sigurd, Eivor, and the Raven Clan to relocate to better lands and start fresh.[5]

Convinced by Basim's words, the Raven Clan sailed from Norway and landed on the shores of England.[6] Exploring the new territory, they came across an abandoned settlement with a Saxon longhouse in ruins surrounded by worn shacks and scattered tents.[7] Nominating Randvi, wife to Sigurd Styrbjornson, as their de facto leader, the Vikings decided that this location would be their new home and set to work renovating the area, which they named Ravensthorpe.[8]

However, their arrival had not gone unnoticed. King Alfred the Great of Wessex, a ruler of one of England's many small kingdoms, was adamant in his desire to drive the invading foreign raiders out of his lands, and fell upon the Clan without remorse, eventually succeeding in his goal and leaving England solely in the possession of the now-unified Anglo-Saxons.[9]



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