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"Altaïr, it seems my students do not fully understand what it is to wield a blade. Perhaps you could show them what you know?"
―Rauf asking Altaïr for help in training his students.[src]

Rauf (died c. 1226) was a member of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins who served as a combat instructor for new recruits.


Third Crusade

In 1191, Rauf was the first to greet the Master Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad upon his safe return to Masyaf, soon after the failed mission at Solomon's Temple.[1]

Almost immediately afterwards, Masyaf was attacked by the Templar Order, who were rampaging through the village. Rauf met with Altaïr once more at the gates of the fortress, where he explained that there was civilians who were still trapped in the village, and that he should distract the enemy while Rauf and some others brought the villagers safely inside the fortress.[2]

After all the civilians had been taken to safety, Rauf met with Altaïr again, informing the Assassin that Al Mualim had devised a plan to rout the Templars. Following this, Rauf, Altaïr and another Assassin simultaneously performed a Leap of Faith, in an attempt to show that they did not fear death, but embraced it. While Altaïr and Rauf safely landed in bales of hay, the other Assassin broke his leg, so Rauf stayed behind to tend to his injury while Altaïr went on to execute the final step of the plan.[3]

Subsequently to these events, Rauf could usually be found instructing his students in the fortress courtyard, and would occasionally request Altaïr to demonstrate some of his skills to them.[4]

After Al Mualim betrayed the Order, Rauf was one of the Assassins who remained loyal to Altaïr, and would later become a close friend.[5]

Later life

At some point between 1217 and 1227, when Altaïr, his wife, and his first son were on a journey to Mongolia to kill Genghis Khan, Rauf was murdered by Swami, Abbas Sofian's right-hand man.[5]

Upon his return, Altaïr heard from Swami that Rauf had died of fever, though Altaïr suspected that Swami killed him during Abbas' coup to take control of the Order.[5]

Personality and characteristics

Rauf sometimes seemed to be an oblivious person, as when he saw Altaïr, right after his failure at Solomon's Temple, he appeared not to know of the Assassin's deeds and greeted the Master Assassin very cheerfully, as if certain that he had succeeded.

Rauf also seemed very caring, since after an Assassin broke his leg in executing a Leap of faith, he stayed behind to comfort the Assassin and tend to his injury.

Yet despite his kind-hearted personality, it seemed that Rauf was both a skilled Assassin and swordsman, as he was appointed to carry out a mission (alongside Altaïr) which would eventually put Masyaf back under Assassin control after a Templar attack. Not only that, but he was frequently seen teaching lower ranked Assassins how to fight with a sword.


  • The name Rauf (رؤوف) is an Arabic name meaning "compassionate, sympathetic, kind, lenient."
    • Ar-Ra'uf is one of 99 attributes of Allah.
  • Rauf possessed a Hidden Blade, but like the other Assassins at Masyaf, his left ring finger had not been amputated.
  • In Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade, Rauf was said to respect Altaïr greatly, "worshiping him like a god."




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