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AC4 The Ranger

The Ranger

The Ranger was a brig formerly owned by the pirate Benjamin Hornigold before passing it on to his colleague, Charles Vane.

Vane captained the Ranger for many years; at one point, he went up against El Arca del Maestro, a Man O' War, in an attempt to capture her, but was quickly forced to retreat. Vane's captaincy of the ship ended in 1718, when she was severely damaged in battle with the Royal African Pearl, a slave ship owned by the Royal African Company. Following this, Jack Rackham led a mutiny against Vane, leaving him and Edward Kenway marooned on the crippled Ranger.[1]

The two captains would spend an entire month adrift before the ship eventually ended up at Isla Providencia;[1] in their haste to get to shore, however, Vane and Kenway neglected to drop the anchor and the Ranger was wrecked on the beach, stranding them on the island for four months.[2] At some point, the Ranger's figurehead was recovered by Kenway for his own ship.[1]


  • The Ranger is the only brig in the game not fitted with a naval ram.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Rogue, during the memory One Little Victory, a Royal Navy brig which was escorted by three gunboats is called the Ranger which was unique as it was the only ship belonging to the Royal Navy that could board the Morrigan by ramming it, much like the ones that the Assassins used. If it is disabled, not a part of the ship is damaged as if it were perfectly fine.




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