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Randvi was a Norse woman who served as the chief advisor of the settlement of Ravensthorpe in Anglo-Saxon England during the 9th century. She was the wife of Sigurd Styrbjornsson and the stepsister-in-law of Eivor Varinsdottir.

Circa 873, Randvi accompanied Eivor in her journey to flee from the war-torn Norway and establish a new settlement in Southern England.


Early life and marriage to Sigurd

"I was rowdy in my youth. Hunting, sailing. I was a wildling of the open air, before I became this staunch and stoic woman. Married off in service of peace between two clans. A noble and worthy role, but not one I had ever imagined for myself."
―Randvi describing to Eivor her life and marriage to Sigurd, 873.[src]-[m]

Randvi was born in Norway into a Norse clan of prominence which had relations with the Raven Clan of Fornburg. In 869,[1] as a service of peace between the clans, Randvi was married off to Sigurd Styrbjornsson, the son of the Raven Clan's jarl Styrbjorn Sigvaldisson. Despite yearnings to become an adventurer as she wished, Randvi chose to embrace her role as Sigurd's wife in what was considered a utilitarian marriage.[2]

After being married for a year, Sigurd departed from Norway on a raiding expedition across Europe. As such, Randvi's relationship with him remained somewhat distant. During his absence, Randvi would remain by her father-in-law as a peacekeeper for the antics of Sigurd's adopted sister, Eivor.[3] For a time, Randvi's relationship with Sigurd was questioned by her sister Thora, who believed that she gained nothing from this union with Sigurd, and that she look for another partner.[4]

Sigurd's return

Randvi receiving Eivor at the docks

In 872, Randvi received Eivor at the docks of Fornburg upon her return from a failed attempt to eliminate Kjotve the Cruel. Randvi informed her of King Styrbjorn's anger as a result of her defiance, and that Sigurd would be returning soon, his last known location to be near Stavanger. Eivor showed her father's axe that she had recovered from Rikiwulf in Avaldsnes, which Randvi suggested that she take it to Gunnar to have it refined. Randvi also suggested that Eivor visit the clan seer Valka for insights on her visions that she saw, and recommended that she wait after some time to meet King Styrbjorn as he was meeting a messenger from the north.[3]

Randvi later waited by the doors to the longhouse while Eivor went about to refine her axe and seek answers from Valka. After some time, Eivor returned, with Randvi allowing her access into the longhouse to meet Styrbjorn. Some moments after Eivor entered, Sigurd arrived in Fornburg with a horn sounding to signal his return. Randvi entered the longhouse to inform both Eivor and Styrbjorn of Sigurd's return before running off to the docks to receive him.[5]

Behind the scenes

Randvi is a romanceable character that appeared in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. She is voiced by Swedish actress Kajsa Mohammar, who also voices Soma in the game.[6][7] Randvi also briefly appears in the DLC expansion The Siege of Paris, though voiced by another actress.




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