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"Behold the prince of Granada! His father, the sultan, will surrender his rebellious city - the last safe haven for the infidels! God will punish His people's heresy. Finally, Spain will be under one Templar rule."
―Ramirez moments before his death, 1492.[src]

General Ramirez (died 1492) was a member of the Templar Order during the Spanish Inquisition. His gift for strategy and military skills made him a valuable servant of Master Templar Tomás de Torquemada.


In 1492, Ramirez, joined by the black knight Ojeda, led a company to a remote village, having received intelligence that prince Ahmed of Granada was supposedly being sheltered there. The information turned out to be correct, as they found the prince hidden in one of the residences.[1]

As his men locked the young prince into a cage, Ramirez addressed the inhabitants of the village, claiming that, with the capture of prince Ahmed, sultan Muhammad XII of Granada would surrender, leading Spain to be united under the Templars' rule. Not a moment later, Aguilar de Nerha leapt upon the general from a nearby rooftop and assassinated him with his Hidden Blade, commencing the Spanish Assassins' attempted rescue of the prince.[1]



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