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"Welcome, friend! A new life awaits you here, in Letopolis, the city of Horus! Come, find your path, and walk into a new age with us!"
―Ramessu welcoming travellers into the city, 48 BCE.[src]-[m]

Ramessu was an Egyptian resident of Letopolis who served as the city's crier during the 1st century BCE.


Ramessu served as a crier in the city, welcoming travelers and encouraging them to make the city their new and permanent home. In 48 BCE, Ramessu met the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, who had come to visit the city in search of Taharqa, the steward. Ramessu welcomed Bayek to the city, encouraging him to speak to Nehi, a newly arrived inhabitant.[1]

Sometime thereafter, Bayek returned to speak with Ramessu, after speaking to Nehi and learning about strange hieroglyphics in his home. Ramessu informed Bayek that there was nothing to worry about, citing that three other residents had found the same thing as well. He assured Bayek that he would be wasting his time investigating as the writings were too old to make out their meaning.[1]





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