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Raising the Dead was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Having found the two patens, Arno met with Léon to study them along with the third.


ACU Raising the Dead 2

Arno discussing the patens with Margot and Léon

Arno entered Léon's room.

  • Arno: Léon?

Léon leapt out from behind a chest, and tossed the third paten towards Arno.

  • Léon: Engarde! A chakram from India.
  • Arno: What a sly thief. I've commandeered the other two.

Arno and Léon looked at the three chakrams.

  • Léon: So what happens now?
  • Arno: I don't know, you tell me.

Madame Margot entered with a candle.

  • Margot: A little light in the darkness.
  • Léon: Go away! We're busy.
  • Arno: Wait...

Arno put the three chakrams together, and they showed an image through the light.

  • Arno: Look.
  • Léon: It's a map of the caverns!
  • Arno: I'll find out where it leads. You stay here.
  • Léon: But-

Arno left.

  • Léon: Ahh, (shit.)
  • Margot: Léon!

Arno returned to the Basilica of Saint-Denis. Entering the crypts, he found the front chamber of the temple. He then watched captain Rose and his men standing by a large door, as one of them attempted to unlock it.

  • Rose: Are you or are you not an expert lock pick?!

As the lock pick touched the door, an electrical force killed him.

ACU Raising the Dead 3

The lockpick choosing a lock

  • Rose: Go on. Choose one.
  • Raider 1: The Commandant told us to wait.

Rose shot the raider through the head.

  • Rose: Anyone else prefer to wait?

Rose left, as his men continued working on the door. Arno then descended into a room underneath the chamber. He touched a floating light image of ghost, which showed a series of luminescent ink symbols on the wall.

  • Arno: Done.

Arno then activated four stone slabs in the correct order, lighting braziers by the wall. This caused the ghostly image to appear in the chamber above and scare away several of the raiders.

  • Raider 3: The ghost of the king!
  • Raider 4: Flee if you value your lives!

Returning to the chamber, Arno descended into another room below it, which contained several braziers. There, he touched another ghostly image.

  • Arno: There.

Lighting the first brazier, Arno saw a luminescent ink writing on the wall saying: IN NOMINE PATRIS ET FILI ET SPIRITUS SANCTI. This was Latin for: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Using this as a clue, Arno lit the braziers in the order of the sign of the cross. This caused the ghostly image to appear in the chamber above once more, scaring away more raiders.

  • Raider 5: The ghost of the king!
  • Raider 6: Run!
  • Arno: The ghost! What sort of device is this? Like the map on the plates, it is made out of light.

Returning to the chamber, Arno then descended into the final room below it, which contained four pillars and pressure plates. He touched another ghostly image.

  • Arno: Got it.

Arno lit a brazier in the middle of the room, and luminescent ink symbols appeared on the walls. Using the slabs, he adjusted the pillars to the same height as the symbols. This activated a ghostly image above that scared away the remaining raiders.

  • Raider 7: It's real! The ghost!
  • Raider 8: I quit!

Using the pillars, Arno climbed back into the chamber. Making his way to the door, Arno saw the ghostly image projecting a beam of light at the correct keyhole.

  • Arno: There. The lock. Now for the golden key.


Using the chakrams, Arno found the temple. After a series of puzzles, he was able to determine the correct keyhole to the door of the inner temple chamber.


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