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Raise the Black Flag was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Having plundered enough gold, Benjamin Hornigold and Edward Kenway set out to steal metal from the Spanish Navy.


Kenway met up with Edward Thatch and Hornigold again.

  • Hornigold: Not a bad take today. Keep this up and Nassau'll be the first city where men and women may live as God made them: easy and free. All it takes is a few drops of blood, sweat and a swath of cloth.
  • Thatch: We fly no colours out here, but praise the lack of 'em. So let the black flag signal nothing but your allegiance to man's natural freedoms. This one's yours. Fly it proud.
  • Edward: I will.
  • Hornigold: Hand over the docket I lent you. If we're to keep our republic afloat, we'll need guns as well as gold.
  • Edward: That means attacking the Navy.
  • Hornigold: So long as they're flying King Philip's colours, we'll not offend our own monarch.

Edward and Hornigold boarded the Jackdaw again.

Raise the Black Flag 4

Jackdaw pursuing a Spanish brig

  • Hornigold: As you've likely seen, the number of merchants roving these waters is three score the number of military ships.
  • Edward: Aye. Easy purchase, but in small doses.
  • Hornigold: Right. So to lure the Navy out of hiding, it's best to cause a bit of mischief.
  • Edward: Catch a few small fish to attract the big ones.
  • Hornigold: That's right. So plunder and pillage as you see fit, Captain Kenway.

Edward attacked and plundered ships until he became wanted.

  • Adéwalé: Sail ho! Military-class brig on the horizon.
  • Hornigold: Good eye, man. Are you ready for this, Kenway? For she won't go down without an honest fight.
  • Edward: Who's up for taking that brig, lads! Shout "Aye"! That's a sound I like to hear. Pipe to quarters! All hands to cannons!
  • Hornigold: Careful around the Navy. They're as likely to ram you as fire a broadside.
  • Edward: Let's test those powder barrels against them, shall we?
  • Hornigold: Aye. Good thinking.

Edward incapacitated a brig.

  • Hornigold: Over the top, lads! Kick 'em in the hams and give 'em a taste of British steel!

Edward boarded the brig and plundered the steel.

  • Edward: That was a rumble, by God. How'd we fare?
  • Hornigold: A fine purchase, no mistake! Now I think it's time to lay low and bribe our way back into secrecy.
  • Edward: Agreed. So how do we get rid of this notoriety we've stirred up?
  • Hornigold: Money, my boy. A well placed bribe to the right government official will see the military off your tail.
  • Edward: Right. Let's do that. I'll need to meet these good samaritans at some point.
  • Hornigold: Smart thinking.

Edward sailed back to Salt Key, where he bribed a local official. Afterwards, he bought new set of cannons for the ship.

Raise the Black Flag 7

Edward, Hornigold and Thatch celebrating

  • Hornigold: You're a wonder, Kenway. You've a knack for this kind of work.
  • Edward: It ain't work if you love it.
  • Thatch: Ah! Ah! Tosh!
  • Edward: But I ain't doing this forever, lads. Only until I get enough coin to buy some land and influence back home.
  • Hornigold: Jaysus, will you listen to your tripe? Still dreaming on about that strumpet back in England, when you could have any Betty you wanted, here and now.
  • Edward: Ah, such lofty goals for you gents. And here I thought I was in the company of scoundrels. A fine purchase today. What's the crew's mood?
  • Adéwalé: All smiles and no teeth. And there's as few talking about meeting with Master Kidd to steal from a nearby plantation.
  • Edward: A plantation? That's ambitious.
  • Adéwalé: Profitable too, if we can manage it.
  • Edward: Aye. It's a good idea.


Edward stole enough metal to upgrade his cannons and set course to meet with James Kidd.



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