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Rai was an Egyptian farmer who lived during the 1st century BCE.


During the mid-1st century BCE, Rai worked in a farm along with her family. At some point, the farm was raided by a group of bandits, who were pursuing her father's bow, which had been given to her. Both Rai's father as well as her son, and many other villagers were slain by the bandits, forcing Rai and her brothers to flee the farm. The bandits pursued them for days while they fled, and eventually Rai and the others hid in the ruins of a village in Uab Nome.[1]

In 48 BCE, Rai and her brothers were approached by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, who offered his assistance against the bandits. Rai led Bayek up the hills to a surveying spot, stationing herself there to alert her brothers when the bandits would approach. Bayek later joined the farmers in the ruins to help defend them. When the bandits came, Rai launched a fire signal, alerting Bayek and her brothers to the bandits' presence. Eventually, they were able to defeat the bandits.[1]

Rai later regrouped with Bayek and her brothers at the ruins, learning that the bandits' had been tasked especially to take Rai's bow. Rai later handed the bow to Bayek, knowing that keeping it would continue to endanger their lives.[1]



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