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RGVjb25zdHJ1Y3RlZA0K was an incomplete virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Having witnessed Shay being shot and presumed dead, Juhani Otso Berg and Violet da Costa noticed a glitch in the genetic memory stream.


  • Berg: What is this?
  • Violet: A glitch in the memories... There seems to be more data. Okay, numbskull, I can't pull you out of the chair right now. You'll just have to see this through... This is bizarre... These memories seem to take place some 20 years after the one we just saw.
  • Berg: Are you certain?
  • Violet: Positive. This means... Shay must have survived that fall!
  • Berg: If he is the man I believe him to be, then he has... Keep going.
  • Violet: The data is fragmented... This memory is incomplete... Let me see what I can do. Listen up. We need to find out what Shay's up to. This memory's gonna look a little rough, but I'm like ninety percent sure sequencing this memory won't kill you.

The analyst accessed the memory.

Deconstructed 1

Shay standing on a Parisian rooftop

  • Violet: Alright, numbskull, we don't know where Shay is, or what he's doing there. So keep your eyes and ears open.
  • Berg: I want to know the reason Shay came to this place.
  • Violet: You heard the man. Let's move!

Shay located a group of criminals.

  • Criminal 1: (So? Did you find him?)
  • Criminal 2: (Yes, Benjamin Franklin is at Notre-Dame. If we hurry up, we can catch him.)
  • Criminal 3: (Stop playing with yourselves! Let's go!)
  • Berg: Benjamin Franklin...That's who Shay is after.
  • Violet: Franklin traveled to England and France. And that guy said Notre-Dame... Shay must be in Paris! Time to show me what you got!
  • Berg: Eliminate the threat. Protect Franklin.

Shay chased down and killed the three criminals.

Deconstructed 6

The criminals pursuing Franklin

  • Criminal 4: (Over there! Get him!)
  • Franklin: Help! Somebody help!
  • Criminal 4: (He's not getting away from us this time!)

Picking up the dead criminal's pistols, Shay chased after Franklin and his pursuers.

  • Violet: Shit!
  • Berg: What happened?
  • Violet: That's all the data we have. We can't explore this memory further... for now. Shay couldn't have died then appeared in France twenty years later. We're missing something. Shay's memories are scattered in chunks throughout the Cloud, the servers are messed up from the virus, so we can't access all of Shay's life at once.


Unable to relive more of Shay's memories, the analyst was tasked with restoring one of the Abstergo Entertainment servers.


  • The memory title is encoded in Base64. The decoded name is "Deconstructed".



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