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The Final Straw 3

Connor holding Quincent

Quincent was the estranged husband of Ellen, and father of Maria, during the American Revolution. Before Ellen and Maria left for the Davenport Homestead, Quincent and his family resided in New York.


While in New York, the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, commonly known as Connor, stumbled upon a frantic Maria, who brought him to a dispute between her parents. The dispute escalated into violence and Connor intervened and subdued Quincent in a brawl. After their fight, Connor invited Ellen and Maria to live at the Davenport Homestead, an offer which they eventually accepted.

With his spouse and daughter gone, Quincent's frustration grew. Connor returned to New York sometime later to retrieve a bolt of silk for Ellen, and, upon noticing him, Quincent threw the bolt of silk and fled, terrified of Connor.

Sometime later, Quincent tracked Ellen down to the Homestead and attempted to break into her home with a group of thugs. However, other Homestead residents noticed the attack and alerted Connor, and the group came to Ellen's defense. After losing the brawl, Quincent left the Homestead after being threatened by Connor, never to bother Ellen and Maria again.




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