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This article is about the original 1710 ship. You may be looking for Alonzo Batilla's purchasable replica.
Kenway: "Devil in his hole, Thatch! This is a darling galley. Thirty-two guns, is it?"
Thatch: "I lost count at forty."
—Edward Kenway and Edward Thatch, on the Queen Anne's Revenge and her armaments, 1718.[src]

Queen Anne's Revenge was a British frigate built in 1710. Originally a slave ship named Concord, she was captured by Captain Benjamin Hornigold in 1717 near Martinique. Soon after, Hornigold turned her over to his associate Edward Thatch, whose captaincy ensured the Queen Anne's Revenge became one of the most infamous and well-known pirate ships in history.

Thatch renamed the Concord and promptly began pirating on his own, making the Queen Anne's Revenge the flagship of a small fleet. Soon after, in 1718, Thatch met up with his friend and fellow pirate Edward Kenway to dive for medicines for the pirate colony of Nassau, although the expedition was a failure.

Thatch then set sail for any British warship he could find, coming across a Man O' War. Unable to disable the ship, Thatch began to flee, but was forced to make land on Mariguana Island, where Kenway was able to assist Thatch and his protege Stede Bonnet against the British. Kenway then took the Queen Anne's helm and overpowered the warship. 

Weeks later, Thatch sailed for the port of Charles-Towne in another attempt to locate medicine, operating from the ship's decks while he sent a negotiation party ashore. When the group failed to return, Thatch captured three local men and tied them to the Queen Anne's aft mast until Kenway arrived again and retrieved the medicines. 

Following this event, Thatch decided to retire and sailed for his favorite hideout on Ocracoke Island, mooring the Queen Anne's Revenge at the docks. However, his celebrations were cut short when the Royal Navy ambushed the pirates. In the ensuing mortar fire, the Queen Anne's Revenge was hit and sunk at her moorings, forcing Thatch to escape aboard Kenway's Jackdaw, though he was ultimately killed in battle after boarding the attacking Man O' War. Her wheel and figurehead would later be recovered by Kenway.[1]


  • Edward Thatch – Captain (1717–1718)
  • Israel Hands – First Mate (1717–1718)
  • Stede Bonnet – (1717–1718)
  • Jenkins† – crew member, implanted as a spy for the Royal Navy (1718)
  • Charles Johnson – Deckhand and Captain's Scribe (1717–1718)[2]
  • A deckhand caught cheating at cards† (died 9 January 1713)[2]
  • Numerous other pirates and powder monkeys[2]


  • Historically, the Queen Anne's Revenge was run aground by Blackbeard either accidentally or intentionally off the coast of North Carolina, and he took a mere sloop called the Adventure as his ship for the rest of his pirate career. The Adventure was the ship with which Blackbeard boarded Robert Maynard's HMS Pearl for the battle that resulted in his death.
  • At level 40, the Queen Anne's Revenge is the highest-level frigate in the game.
  • The Queen Anne's Revenge is one of the only 3 other ships that Edward gets to temporarily control that isn't the Jackdaw. The others being the Revenge, the Jacobite, and the Nosso Senhor da Compreensão.