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Quebec (French: Québec) is a province in eastern Canada. During the American Revolutionary War, several indigenous peoples were located here, before it had been officially named. The Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton sent several of his apprentices to Quebec to free it from Templar influence.


American Revolution

During the American Revolutionary War, Assassin apprentices were sent to Quebec to assassinate Major Guy Carleton, who was marching on Fort St-Jean.[1] They also prevented a disaster for the Patriot army by stopping the march of Richard Montgomery.[2]

Some time later, they stood up for the rights of the people in Quebec, who had not asked for a war. When Brigadier General William Thompson set out to "liberate" Quebec, the apprentices made sure the citizens were heard.[3] They also ensured the population's rights after the Quebec Act, which granted parts of the Ohio territory to the Province.[4]

Accompanying this, they also began an investigation into the Templar influence in Quebec and Montreal,[5] during which they found out that Montreal's harbor had fallen into Templar hands. The Assassin apprentices then made sure that the designers of the Templar plans were dealt with.[6]

Modern times

In 1834, Ludger Duvernay founded the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, hoping to spiritually unify Quebec and become independent from Canada.[7]

Victoria Bibeau, a former employee of Abstergo Industries and a member of the Assassins, was a former resident of Quebec City in the province, having lived there for many years.[8]

In March 2017, the Inner Sanctum invited the new Black Cross to a meeting in Quebec. Displeased that he auto-proclaimed himself their inquisitor, they threatened him and demanded to know his identity. The masked man responded that he came only as a courtesy, to inform them that he was investigating an hostile fifth column within the Order. After affirming his independence, the Black Cross dropped a smoke bomb and disappeared.[9]

In late-2017, as part of her first Assassin mission,[10] Layla Hassan and Kiyoshi Takakura traveled to the Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec in search of a relic belonging to the Recollects.[11] When Layla was discovered by Abstergo, Kiyoshi was able to help her escape danger.[12]



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