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Qiu Ju (丘聚; died 1530), also known as The Demon, was one of the Eight Tigers, a group of powerful Templar eunuchs that controlled the Chinese imperial court during the reign of the Ming dynasty Zhengde Emperor. Famous for his cruelty and his fighting skills, Qiu played a role in the purge of the Chinese Brotherhood of Assassins after the ascendance of the Jiajing Emperor.


Sometime in the Ming dynasty, under the Tiger leader Zhang Yong's orders, Qiu Ju annihilated entire Shaanxi villages in retaliation for the Prince of Anhua uprising wherein he gained his nickname.[1]

By 1526, Yu Dayong had been killed by the Assassin Shao Jun in Macau, with Qiu Ju finding the body of his fellow Templar. In order to avenge the slaver and to show the consequences of her vendetta to the Assassin, Qiu ordered his men to arrest innocents and set the port of the city ablaze.[2]

With Zhang Yong, the pair discovered Shao Jun's friendship with Empress Zhang and used the information to lure her. Jun took the bait and discovered the betrayal, but forgave her friend upon noticing the Templars' presence. Qiu dueled Jun in the inferno caused by dropped lanterns, and died in the process.[3]


  • In Chinese, Qiū Jù's name is 丘聚. The surname Qiū (丘) means "hill" or "mound" while the personal name Jù (聚) means "gather", "assemble", " congregate", or "amass".
  • His name is misspelled "Qui Ju" in the title of his database entry.



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