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"Qattara Depression is the lowest point in Egypt. Dried out lakes, ledges, and few oases characterize it."
ACO Qattara Depression

Qattara Depression

The Qattara Depression is a geographical depression in the northwest region of Egypt. Aside from Hotep Cavern, the final resting place of Hidden Ones founders, Bayek and Aya, the region bears little points of interest.

As the lowest point in the country, the wasteland is characterized by sand dunes, sparse vegetation, and salt pans. It is flanked on the north and south sides by barren mountains. A narrow gorge cutting into the northwest escarpment hosts one of the only sources of freshwater in the area, the Aquifer Oasis.[1]


In his childhood, the Medjay of Siwa, Bayek, would hide out in a cave known as Hotep Cavern with his eventual wife Aya. This was situated to the southwest end of the depression, within one of the escarpments around its perimeter.[1]

Around 47 BCE, Bayek returned here in the midst of his conflict with the Order of the Ancients. He revisited Hotep Cavern and found a stone circle formation erected in the outline of Osiris's constellation as per his promise to his late son Khemu.[1]

Thousands of years later in 2017, Layla Hassan journeyed to the region on a mission to find an important ancient artifact, Bayek's sarcophagus, and bring it back to Abstergo. Instead, she set up a camp inside Hotep Cavern and used her Animus to relive the genetic memories of Bayek and Aya to prove her worth to the Animus Project.[1]




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