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Qamra, Medicine Woman was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met a physician who requested her to find his tools and medicine.


Kassandra reached a Vineyard on the island of Lesbos .

  • Kassandra: Look at these vineyards. Even Markos couldn't make shitty wine with these grapes.

She overheard a farmer lamenting an ill turn of events, and a nurse, Qamra, trying to assuage him.

  • Farmer: What are we going to do...
  • Nurse: Don't worry, its curable.

Kassandra approached them.

  • Kassandra: What's wrong?
  • Farmer: My workers are sick! At this rate, I won't be able to feed my own family, never mind theirs.
  • Nurse: The good news is this isn't the work of the gods, but a sickness of the body—the throat in particular. I could treat the workers... if I had my medical supplies.
  • Nurse: Misthios... Would you get them for me?

  • Kassandra: If you'll pay my fee... The health of your workers depends on it.
  • Nurse: I'd have hoped the wellbeing of these people would be payment enough.
  • Farmer: Yes, yes. Of course I'll reward you. Will you do it?

  • Kassandra: I wouldn't want them to suffer.
  • Nurse: Well said. Such goodwill deserves a reward, doesn't it?
  • Farmer: Hmm... ? Oh! Of course. Of course. I have something worthwhile to trade for the service. Will you do it?

(Already found supplies and tools)
  • Kassandra: I think I might just have what you're looking for.
  • Nurse: There's no way you could have—
  • Kassandra: See for yourself.
(Dialogue continues at "Thank you. These are specialized items...")

(Accept – "I'll get the supplies.")

(If players choose "Where in Ancient Pearl are your tools?")

  • Kassandra: Ancient Pearl is pretty big. Where exactly did you leave your tools?
  • Nurse: In the clinic at Vrisa Fort.

(If players choose "Where in Lover's Bay is the medicine?")

  • Kassandra: Where exactly in Lover's Bay should I look?
  • Farmer: At the Leader House in Mytilene, northeast of the temple.

(Leave – "I'll go now.")

  • Kassandra: I'll come back with your supplies.
  • Nurse: The faster you do, the sooner I can help the workers.

Kassandra took her leave of the two. On her way off the vineyard grounds, she decided to take care of this immediately.

  • Kassandra: I'll go get the tools and drugs.

Kassandra made her way south to Vrisa Fort. Ikaros surveyed the courtyards and found the clinic.

  • Kassandra: That must be Vrisa Fort.

Kassandra infiltrated the fort and obtained the tools.
(Medical Tools obtained first)

  • Kassandra: The drugs are in the Leader House.

(Medical Tools obtained second)

  • Kassandra: The physician's tools.
  • Kassandra: I have what the physician asked for. I should take it back to the vineyard.

Kassandra made her way to the Leader House. Ikaros identified it at a glance.

  • Kassandra: The Leader House.

Kassandra infiltrated the Leader House and swiped the medicine from his bedchamber.
(Medicine obtained first)

  • Kassandra: She said the medical tools are in Vrisa Fort...

(Medicine obtained second)

  • Kassandra: These must be the drugs the physician wanted.
  • Kassandra: I have what the physician asked for. I should take it back to the vineyard.

With both items obtained, Kassandra returned to the Vineyard and handed the items to Qamra.

  • Kassandra: I found your supplies.
  • Nurse: Thank you. These are specialized items—I couldn't have replaced them in time.
  • Farmer: My grapes are saved!
  • Kassandra: I get the feeling that's all you've cared about from the start.
  • Farmer: Without grapes, there's no work. By healing the workers, you've saved my farm! Take this.

Kassandra was given a sash as a reward.


Kassandra recovered the tools and supplies the nurse needed to heal the vineyard workers.



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