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The Pythia in 431 BCE was one of the many oracles of the Sanctuary of Delphi manipulated by the Cult of Kosmos.


Following in the footsteps of oracles before her, the Pythia of 430s BCE as well was forced to deliver prophecies to the many visitor of the Temple of Apollo according to the Cult's orders, based on their reading of the Isu artifact within the Sanctuary of Kosmos.[1] She was under their thumb, attended to by guards loyal to the Cult at all times, even in her residence within the Chora of Delphi.[1]

She had made a deal with Gelon, a sailor and a part-time-pirate; she told Gelon what ports had the most pilgrims, they'd get a passage aboard Gelon's ship Shark's Tooth, and Gelon and the Pythia would share the profits. In 431 BCE, Gelon visited the Pythia to give her her last share.[2]

After revealing the cult's motives to the Spartan misthios Kassandra, the Pythia fled Phokis and the Cult. Later on, Kassandra learned that she had reached Argolis, and was hiding from the Cult with her cousin there. Unfortunately, their neighbor had recognized her and was blackmailing them with that information. Kassandra helped them deal with the problem.[3]


  • If anyone is killed when infiltrating Pythia's home prior to or during The Truth Will Out, Pythia will be taken to the Cult's lair beneath the Sanctuary of Delphi and interrogated. Players seeking to prevent this should knock enemies unconscious rather than kill them, and they are even allowed to be detected and flee out of sight.[4]




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