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The title of this article is conjecture. Although canon, no official name for the subject of this article has been given.

TToP 6

The vault within the Temple of Pythagoras

The Pythagorean Vault was a comparatively small chamber constructed by the First Civilization that was later incorporated into the Temple of Pythagoras, in Rome. It was largely hollow, save for a small pedestal located in the center of the main chamber on a raised base.

In 1506, the vault was visited by Ezio Auditore and Leonardo da Vinci during their exploration of the Pythagorean temple. Once activiated, the vault presented its two visitors with a series of number and letter codes: "43 39 19 N, 75 27 42 W". Though Leonardo thought that the sequence was meaingless, Ezio simply remarked that it was not meant for either of them.

In 1527, Giovanni Borgia and Maria Amiel visited the vault. There, Giovanni suffered a type of transformation, and an entity by the name of Consus spoke through him.