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The Pyramid[1][2] was a device created by the Isu capable of computing possible futures. The Pyramid was made up of many triangular segments and also possessed the power to observe the past memories of a person when they touched it.

By the 5th century BCE, the artifact was in possession of the followers of Pythagoras when it was stolen by the Cult of Kosmos. The Cult intended to use the artifact to manipulate reality by realizing the calculated future that was most beneficial to their purposes. The Cult used its young puppet Alexios, later known as Deimos, to access the artifact's powers, as he was a direct descendant of the First Civilization.[3]

For years, the Pyramid was held within the Sanctuary of Kosmos, located beneath the Temple of Apollo in the Sanctuary of Delphi, where the Cult used the artifact's calculations to make prophecies for the Pythia to profess.[3]

After the Cult was dismantled by Kassandra, she and former Cultist Aspasia received different messages from the artifact. After Kassandra saw the message from her father and a vision of future Assassins, such as Bayek and Ezio Auditore da Firenze, she destroyed the artifact.[4]



  • The prophetic vision received by Kassandra is in fact a combination of cinematic trailer footage from several previous games' in the series.
  • A likeness of the Pyramid was crafted onto the door of the Colosseum Vault, as an equilateral triangle.[5]
  • According to The Art of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, the artifact showed visions of the past, present, and future when touched by a descendant with Isu heritage.