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Purple Pain was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra was asked by a father investigate the murder of his son.


While at the Murex Dyeing Facility, Kassandra came across a man screaming at another.

  • Civilian 1: What have you done?! You killed my son!

Kassandra approached them.

  • Civilian 1: A misthios?
    You'll be punished for what you've done.
  • Ciivlian 2: I-I didn't murder your son! It wasn't me!

The angry man turned towards Kassandra.

  • Civilian 1: The gods have sent you to help me, haven't they?

  • Kassandra: This crime will not go unpunished. Tell me what you need.
  • Civilian 1: Nemesis has heard my cries!

  • Kassandra: If you have drachmae, I may have a solution.
  • Civilian 1: Of course. I never imagined divine intervention would come cheap.

  • Kassandra: What's going on?
  • Civilian 1: My son was murdered at the murex warehouse, his head smashed in like an egg!
  • Civilian 2: It was Kythera's leader! I heard them arguing in the warehouse.
  • Civilian 1: Then why didn't you stop them? You lie!
    Go to the warehouse and find out who killed my son, misthios. Justice must be served.

(Accept – I'll do it.)

  • Kassandra: Your son's death will not go unpunished.

(If players choose "Why would Kythera's leader kill your son?") Kassandra turned to the accused man.

  • Kassandra: What evidence do you have against Kythera's leader?
  • Civilian 2: Your son was fooling around with the leader's daughters—all four of them!
  • Civilian 1: Daughters?! I forbade him—told him the leader is a fearsome and vindictive man.
  • Civilian: He was blinded by their riches—check the fort and you'll find the gifts they gave him!

(If players choose "Why would this man kill your son?") Kassandra turned to the accuser.

  • Kassandra: What makes you think he did it?
  • Civilian 1: We took him in and gave him a job, but all he's done is steal from us. My boy fired him—kicked him out.

The accused paused for a moment.

  • Civilian 2: I did steal, but I would never hurt someone.
  • Civilian 1: Your hurt him when you betrayed him, malaka!
  • Kassandra: That doesn't mean he killed him.

(If players choose "Where is the warehouse?")

  • Kassandra: Where is the warehouse located?
  • Civilian 2: At the end of the harbor. It's a bloody mess now...

(If players choose "Leave – That's enough.")

  • Kassandra: I'll go to the warehouse and see what I can find.
  • Civilian 1: Find out who the murderer is, misthios.
    I'll make sure this malaka stays put.
  • Civilian 2: I'm innocent. You'll see!

Kassandra made her way to the warehouse, with traces of the murder left behind. She investigated a bracelet left on the ground in a corner.

  • Kassandra: This bracelet looks expensive. They could be gifts from the daughters... or an attempt to frame Kythera's leader.

She investigated a pile of blood on the ground.

  • Kassandra: Not much blood, and his head was bashed in—probably a blunt weapon.

Kassandra headed to an area stacked with piles of purple linen. There, she found a blooded tablet, likely the murder weapon.

  • Kassandra: This must be the murder weapon. It's caked in dry blood—heavy too. There's no way the little guy could have swung this.

Kassandra returned to the victim's father and the accused.

  • Civilian 1: What did you find, misthios?
  • Kassandra: I searched the warehouse and found a gold bracelet and a heavy stone tablet covered in blood.
  • Civilian 2: See! I told you you'd find gifts from the leader's daughters.
  • Civilian 1: It's not proof of innocence. What's this about a stone tablet?
  • Civilian 2: Tablet? I don't know of any tablet!
  • Civilian 1: Misthios! Tell me who murdered my son—this worm of Kythera's leader?

  • Kassandra: If the fort leader is as strong as you say, only he could have lifted a tablet like the one I saw. There's no way this scrawny thief could have swung it like a weapon.
  • Civilian 1: Then kill Kythera's leader. You will be paid when he ceases to draw breath. And make it a slow, painful execution.
  • Kassandra: It will be done.
  • Civilian 2: Thank you, misthios, for clearing my name.

Kassandra tracked down the leader of Kythera, killing him and his guards.

  • Kassandra: It was him. He probably stole the bracelet himself and planted it to frame Kythera's leader.
  • Civilian 2: No! That's not -.
  • Civilian 1: I knew it! Kill him where he stands, misthios! I'll pay every last drachmae I have to watch the worm die.
  • Kassandra: With pleasure.
  • Civilian 2: You're making a mistake!

The thief tried to run away but Kassandra caught up with him and killed him.

(If players killed the leader first, before taking the quest, there is no choice even if you investigate the warehouse.)

  • Kassandra: I've slain Kythera's leader. He was the one who murdered your son.
  • Civilian 2: Thank you for clearing my name, misthios.
  • Civilian 1: And my boy can rest in peace.


Kassandra helped the father to identify the culprit for his son's murder, dealing with them accordingly.


  • The name of this quest is a play on the song Purple Rain from Prince.
  • Kassandra can choose to either accuse the old man or the leader of the murder, although the clues likely point to the leader as the one responsible. Regardless, Kassandra will be asked to hunt down either of them.


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