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Public Execution was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Due to the plotting of Charles Lee and Thomas Hickey, Connor was being publicly executed, accused of plotting to kill George Washington.


  • Guard: Up! Up with ya! I said GET UP! Walk.
  • Prisoner: Bye now!

The guards led Connor out of the prison to a cart, which led him to the execution site.

  • Hickey: Ello Connor. Didn't think I'd miss your goin' away party, did ya? I hear Washington 'imself will be in attendance. Hope nuttin' bad 'appens to him.
  • Connor: You said there'd be a trial!
ACIII-Publicexecution 2

Hickey escorting Connor during his execution

  • Hickey: Ah, no trials for Traitors, I'm afraid. Lee an' Haytham saw to that. It's straight to the gallows for you!
  • Connor: I will not die today. The same cannot be said for you.
  • Guard: That's enough! Keep moving!

Connor was forced to walk through the crowd towards the gallows, while being escorted by Hickey and another guard. Nearly to the gallows, a woman punched Connor and spat on him. Achilles then appeared and shoved her aside before speaking to Connor.

  • Achilles: You are not alone. Only give a cry when you need us...
  • Connor: Forget about me - you need to stop Hickey. He's -
  • Hickey: Up you go! Don't wanna be late, now do we? Ya just had to be a hero, didn't ya? You and Georgie both. Now you'll see what it gets ya: a pine box and l'il else.
  • Lee: Brothers. Sisters. Fellow Patriots. Several days ago we learned of a scheme so vile, so dastardly - that even repeating it now, disturbs my being. The man before you plotted to murder our much beloved General. Indeed. What darkness or madness moved him, none can say. And he himself offers no defense. Shows no remorse. And though we have begged and pleaded with him to share what he knows, he maintains a deadly silence. If the man will not explain himself - if he will not confess and atone - what other option do we have, but this? He sought to send us into the arms of the enemy. And thus, we are compelled by justice to send him from this world. May God have mercy on your soul.

Before being hanged, Connor was rescued by the Assassins.

  • Connor: Need... to stop Hickey...
  • Achilles: Go!

Connor pursued and killed Thomas Hickey, who was running towards Washington to murder him.

  • Hickey: Dammit. I thought I'd at least live to see another day. Shame.
  • Connor: I want answers. Why did Johnson try and buy my people's land? Why was Pitcairn targeting Adams and Hancock? What purpose would Washington's murder have served? Why does your order support the British?
ACIII-Publicexecution 9

Connor assassinating Hickey

  • Hickey: How should I know? The Templars. Lee. The big man, Haytham. They 'as the money. They 'as the power. That's the reason I threw in with 'em. That's the ONLY reason. Sure, they 'ave some sort of vision, for the future too. I didn't give a damn about any of that. They can sing their songs about mankind and its troubles. They can make their plans and spring their traps, don't bother me none. They paid me so I said yes. Didn't bother to ask who or how or why. Didn't care.
  • Connor: You chose to side with men who would rob us of our humanity simply because it was more profitable?
  • Hickey: Wot else is there? I'm not some blind fool who'd give up all I've got on principle. What IS principle anyway? Can ya bring it to the bank? Don't look at me like that. We're different, you and I! You're just some blind fool who's always chasin' butterflies. Where as I'm the type of guy who likes to have a beer in one hand and a titty in the other. Thing is, boy, I can have what I seek. Had it, even. You? Your hands will always be empty.

Connor found himself surrounded by soldiers.

  • Putnam: At ease, men! At ease! I said lower your goddamn guns! This man's a hero! The General can be so stubborn sometimes. Piffle, he said, when we warned him something like this would happen! Piffle!

Israel Putnam kicked Thomas' body.

  • Connor: Stop.
  • Putnam: He wanted to kill the Commander. Nearly killed you as well. He was a scoundrel.
  • Connor: But still a man.
ACIII-Publicexecution 12

Putnam informing Connor about Washington's escape

  • Putnam: Hmph. You're nothing, if not consistent.
  • Connor: Where is Washington? I need to speak with him.
  • Putnam: Bundled off as soon as your execution went sideways. He's likely on his way back to Philadelphia by now.
  • Connor: Then so am I.
  • Putnam: Something wrong?
  • Connor: He is still in danger. Hickey did not act alone...

Connor followed Achilles through the hallway of Independence Hall.

  • Achilles: It's quite impressive, what you've accomplished.
  • Connor: Is that... a compliment?
  • Achilles: Now don't misconstrue. I'm sure the whole endeavor will end tragically. But to have come this far... Well, it's more than I ever expected.
  • Connor: The people yearned for freedom, but feared to grab hold of it. That fear is gone now.
  • Achilles: Thanks to you.
  • Connor: No. This they did on their own.
  • Achilles: You diminish your role. But you've always been of humble heart.
  • Connor: I do what is right. No more. No less.
  • Achilles: You cannot tell him.
  • Connor: I have to. Otherwise, he will never be safe.
  • Achilles: He is safer not knowing! By planting the seeds of doubt, you threaten to topple his entire endeavor. If Washington is paralyzed, Charles Lee will strike. You'll cause the very thing you aim to prevent. Hunt the Templars, as is your duty... But do not drag these men into it.
ACIII-Publicexecution 14

Connor and the Founding Fathers at the Independence Hall

Connor entered the room where the Declaration of Independence was being signed.

  • Hancock: We must now all hang together.
  • Franklin: Yes, we must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.
  • Adams: You are, once more, our savior.
  • Connor: I must speak with the Commander.
  • Adams: He's gone to try and hold New York. The British intend to take it. I fear we'll need to recall our men from Quebec as well... It's one thing to declare our Independence. Now, my friend, we must make it so.


Connor assassinated Thomas Hickey, temporarily preventing the assassination of George Washington.


  • In Assassin's Creed: Forsaken, the Assassins present at the execution failed to cut Connor's rope, only being able to weaken it. Haytham, who was hidden in the crowd, decided to rescue his son by throwing a dagger at the rope, severing it and allowing Connor to escape.
  • During the cutscene in which Putnam saves Connor from being shot down, two different corpses of Hickey may be shown: the one that Putnam disrespects, and one that Connor killed during gameplay.
  • During the scene of signing the Declaration of Independence, the date shown was mistakenly borrowed from the previous Philadelphia scene in Conflict Looms, resulting in the display of June 16th, 1775.
  • There are three instances of Connor's Assassin Recruits operating in the background. Stephane Chapheau can be heard assassinating a guard as Connor passes by Washington, Duncan Little can be seen air assassinating a mercenary atop a balcony, and during Charles Lee's speech, Clipper Wilkinson can be seen in the background assassinating a guard on a rooftop.



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