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This article is about the founder of the Ptolemaic Kingdom. For other uses, see Ptolemy.
ACO Alexander Ptolemy Painting

A painting of Ptolemy and Alexander in the latter's tomb

Ptolemy I Soter I (c. 367 BCE – c. 283/282 BCE), also known as Ptolemy Lagides, was a Macedonian general who served under Alexander the Great. Following Alexander's death and the division of his empire, Ptolemy founded the Ptolemaic dynasty which would rule Egypt almost three centuries.


When Alexander died, his Trident of Eden was split three ways with Ptolemy taking possession of one of its prongs and going on to fight in order to secure the Kingdom of Egypt. His rule began the eponimous Ptolemaic dynasty who would control Egypt, as a Hellenized kingdom, for the next 250 years.[1]

While Alexander's sarcophagus and his Staff of Eden were being transported back to Macedonia, Ptolemy hijacked the convoy and brought it back to Egypt, initially burying the Macedonian King in Memphis. The sarcophagus was later moved again before being brought to Alexandria where a tomb was erected and became the final resting place for both Alexander and his Staff.[2]

In 2012, Ptolemy was included in a mnemonic set in Abstergo Industries' Project Legacy.[3]



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