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ACO Ptolemaic Royal Palace overview

Overall view of the palace

The Ptolemaic Royal Palace was the residence of the Ptolemaic pharaohs from 323 BCE to 30 BCE. Situated on the island of Antirhodos, it was occupied well into the Roman era until the Severan dynasty, and sank in 365 CE due to a tsunami created by an earthquake off the island of Crete.


The Royal Palace contained offices for the members of the court, including the Royal Scribe, Eudoros, who was also a member of the Order of the Ancients until his death in 48 BCE at the hands of the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, for the part he was believed to have played in the death of Bayek's son, Khemu.[1] Bayek's wife, Aya had advised him to seek out proof of the identity of the Snake he was hunting within the Royal Scribe's office.[2]

Bayek managed to infiltrate the palace and search through the Royal Scribe's office, discovering a series of letters exchanged by Eudoros with other members of the Order of the Ancients, apparently confirming his suspicions about Eudoros' identity.[1]

Origins Quest19AyaBladeOfTheGoddess Part08

Cleopatra her followers in the palace harbor

A year later in 47 BCE, Bayek, alongside his wife Aya, Apollodorus, and Cleopatra travelled to the palace to meet with the Roman general Julius Caesar. Apollodorus posed as a Phylakitai of Heliopolis, carrying Cleopatra wrapped in a carpet while Aya and Bayek posed as his servants carrying gifts. Escorted by a Roman legionary, they interrupted the meeting between Caesar and Cleopatra's brother Ptolemy XIII.[3]

In 30 BCE, Aya, now known as Amunent and a Mentor of the Hidden Ones, infiltrated the palace, where she knocked Caesarion unconscious and confronted Cleopatra. With the invasion of Octavian imminent, Amunet urged Cleopatra to accept her fate. Give a vial of posion, the Ptolemaic queen convinced Amunet to take Caesarion with her to Rome before committing suicide.[4]




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