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Prudence's Primrose was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.[1]


Connor came across Warren, who told him that Prudence was missing and was anxious for her safety. With this, Connor promised to search for her.

Memory Animus Feedback System[]

  • Prudence is missing. Help Warren find her.
  • Take Warren to the edge of the forest.
  • Track Prudence.
  • Track Prudence in the woods.
  • Reach Prudence.
  • Defend Prudence from the bear.


Connor approached a distressed Warren.

  • Warren: Prudence!
    Prudence, where are you?
    Connor! Thank God you are here. Prudence is missing. She went out to gather some things this morning and never returned. I'm worried sick. What if she's hurt?
  • Connor: I will find her.
  • Warren: The dog might help track her down, he has a good nose. Come on, boy.

Connor walked toward the general area Prudence was last seen.

  • Warren: She has been gathering Evening Primrose almost every night. She is obsessed with the oil it yields. That is all going to stop now. I don't understand why she wants so damned much of the stuff!

Connor found a bushel of picked primrose.

  • Warren: She picked some here.
    She can't be far. We should split up to cover more ground.
Prudence's Primrose 3

Connor finding a piece of cloth

Connor found a piece of Prudence's cloth.

  • Warren: Connor! Anything yet?!
    Prudence! Where are you?!

Connor found Prudence's flower bag and heard her being attacked by a bear.

  • Prudence: Help! Please! Somebody help me!

Connor approached the bear.

  • Prudence: Connor! Oh thank God! Please help me!

Connor stepped in between the bear and Prudence, before he killed it, saving her life.

  • Prudence: Thank you so much, Connor. Thank you. I don't want to think of what might have happened if you'd not arrived. I saw some primrose growing there and the bear just came charging at me.
  • Connor: Why are you gathering primrose?
Prudence's Primrose 6

Connor carrying Prudence back to Warren

  • Prudence: Well. Warren and I have been trying to conceive a child for a – long time now. I read that evening primrose encourages fertility. I'm sorry. This is not a proper conversation given the circumstance.
  • Connor: I understand. Not another word on the matter.

Warren found Connor carrying Prudence back into the clearing.

  • Warren: Prudence! Are you alright, my love?!
  • Prudence: I'll be fine, thanks to Connor.
  • Warren: Thank you, Connor. Once again.


Connor saved Prudence from a wild bear, and also learned of the fertility problems Prudence and Warren had been having.



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