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Prudence: "As you know, we have been trying to have a child, Connor. For a long time. Thus far we've not been blessed, even once. It takes its toll after a time."
Connor: "You must not force such things. Nature will grant you with a young one when the time is right."
—Prudence and Connor discussing the former's attempts at conceiving.[src]-[m]

Prudence was a farmer living on the Davenport Homestead during the American Revolutionary War, the wife of Warren[1] and mother of their child, Hunter.[2]


Early life[]

"They killed our animals, salted our earth then dragged us out. You saw what followed."
―Prudence to Connor on the soldiers' advances on her farm.[src]

Prudence first met Assassin Connor when he protected her and Warren from British troops who had threatened them for not providing the British Crown with produce. Connor offered the couple a place at the Davenport Homestead where they could grow their crops and raise their animals in peace, as their livestock had been slaughtered and their land salted.[1]

Life at the Homestead[]

"I couldn't be happier. Warren and I have been waiting a long time for this. And if truth be told, we could not dream of a better place to raise our family."
―Prudence on raising a child at the Homestead.[src]

After their relocation to the Homestead and due to fertility problems that she and Warren were experiencing, Prudence went out each night to look for evening primrose, as she had heard the oil from the flowers could advance conception. However, she went missing for some time one day, which prompted Warren to beg Connor for his assistance in searching for her. Connor used his tracking skills and arrived just in time to kill a wild bear that was attacking Prudence.[3]

Prudence then revealed to Connor her and Warren's lack of success in conceiving a child, and later expressed that it "takes its toll after a time." Connor urged the two to be patient, saying that they would be blessed with a child when the time was right.[4]

True to Connor's words, nature soon blessed the couple with a child, much to her and Warren's joy. Since this would require a doctor for the eventual delivery, the couple requested that Connor travel to Boston and search for Dr. Lyle White, who they had previously visited for regular medical care. Connor brought Dr. White back to the Homestead, where the doctor amiably greeted the couple and agreed to assist them through Prudence's pregnancy.[5]

While on the Homestead, Norris grew attracted to Myriam, the Homestead's huntress. As he had a hard time thinking of a way to impress her, he asked Connor for help finding a gift a woman might appreciate. To that end, Connor visited Prudence and asked what sort of gift she might enjoy. On her advice, he scaled a cliff on the Homestead to reach some colorful wildflowers, though he later found out that Myriam was not impressed with them.[6] Connor later helped Prudence round up some escaped livestock, as her advanced pregnancy prevented her from doing so herself.[7]

Get Me A Doctor 5

Warren and Prudence after the birth of their son

Several months later, Connor discovered Prudence in the forest calling for assistance. She had gone into labor and was unable to move due to the pain. Connor hurried on horseback to retrieve Dr. White and Warren and brought them to her side. While Dr. White was unable to transport Prudence due to her condition, the child was born without complications. He presented Prudence and Warren with a healthy baby boy, whom they named Hunter.[2]

Prudence and Warren provided food for the wedding of Norris and Myriam, and celebrated at Oliver and Corrine's tavern for the reception, chatting with Achilles, and smiled warmly when Ellen unveiled the flag she had made for the Homestead.[8] Prudence also attended the funeral of Achilles Davenport, sorrowfully laying a rose on his coffin.[9]


  • During a conversation with Ellen outside her house, Prudence mentioned that before she married Warren, she was courted by a man who turned out to have less than "honorable" intentions.
  • Prudence and Warren's models were used again in Freedom Cry for Bastienne Josèphe and Augustin Dieufort, with minor alterations, such as clothing and skin tone.
  • Depending on player choices and how quickly they go through the Homestead Memories, Prudence would appear to be pregnant for much longer than was really natural.




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