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Protvino is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located about 100 kilometers south of Moscow.

In December 1917, after Vladimir Lenin and ethnographer Sergey Fedorovich Oldenburg consulted on the future of the Russian Academy of Sciences, they allowed the Assassin Brotherhood the usage of one of the Academy's facilities in Protvino, which functioned as an Assassin laboratory and home to a small community of Assassins and scientists until March 2014. The Assassin Sergei and his wife operated out of the facility, until Sergei disappeared during his search for Nikolai Orelov after his disappearance in 1917.[1]

In the intervening years, one of the scientists came into possession of a schematic for the Animus, and subsequently built the machine in the facility. However, with little knowledge of how the machine worked, or of the Bleeding Effect that came with extended use, the community began to slowly devolve into a group of madmen.[1]

After Galina Voronina, the sole survivor of the Bleeding Effect, contacted Gavin Banks in March 2014, Gavin, Emmett Leary, and Emmanuel Barraza accompanied Galina back to the facility, where she confronted and killed the insane Assassins and scientists, even her own mother and sister. After the event, Galina chose to travel with the crew of the Altaïr II, leaving the laboratory empty and abandoned.[2]



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