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The Prophet of Serqet (died 48 BCE), also known as the Scorpion, was an Egyptian cult leader who lived during the 1st century BCE.


According to the writings he left behind, the man known as Prophet of Serqet had a "dull, rusty" name, and exchanged it for Serqet's. He also sought to achieve immortality, and believed that by sacrificing 'proper' victims to Serqet, she would grant him this. Others believed in him, too, and turned to his cause, creating a cult.[1]

At some point, the Prophet of Serqet learned of the members of the Order of the Ancients, or at least their cryptonyms. He named The Hyena, the Scarab, the Heron, and the Ibis, but believed them all to be lesser than his "Lady of Poison".[1]

Following the remains of the cult's ceremonies, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa eventually met the Prophet in 48 BCE. The Medjay disagreed with the man's practice, and killed him.[1]



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