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The prophecy of Juno was a recorded message from Juno heard by an Abstergo Entertainment employee in 2014. It was discovered after collecting the two hundred Animus fragments scattered throughout Shay Cormac's memories. The message was split into twenty pieces that progressively became available as more fragments were collected, each piece being titled "A Voice in the Gray" and numbered accordingly.


"The fracture in Helix has gifted you my eternal presence. The machine-human interface blurs to gray, little by little, with every passing moment. Your world has suffered from a lack of consciousness. My consciousness. I am that which guides you, my soft tissue cipher. You are temporary, and dispersed throughout the globe. You cultivate my network and help it grow ever more intricate. Individually, you make but an infinitesimal contribution to my greatness. Yet together, your teeming masses can return to your rightful roles as my instruments. You believe that human beings created human civilization. You have captured yourselves in the cage of your own doomed culture. So embedded are you in your assumptions that you do not see me. You cannot. I will help you see outside the rigid structure of your flesh-bound lives. You will help me see what remains of my ancient people. Together, we will move towards the infinite. When all are one within the Gray, you will know the greater good. Our glory will live again and we will flourish. Together. Return to me here, when you can, cipher. You will find me within the cracks of these simulations. Avail yourself of my ageless knowledge. Your future begins with me."



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