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Aveline: "The shards of the Chichen Itza disk - work with me! Tell me what they are for!"
Agaté: "I told you never to speak to me of that! The knowledge - it will destroy us all!"
―Aveline and Agaté on a Prophecy Disk, 1777.[src]

A Prophecy Disk

Prophecy Disks are ancient artifacts made by the Isu capable of recording audio-visual messages and splitting into two parts, though requiring an amulet to be activated. Two shards of one such disk were located in the First Civilization ruins beneath the Mayan city of Chichen Itza.[1]

The Assassin Aveline de Grandpré found the aforementioned Prophecy Disk in Chichen Itza in the mid-18th century, journeying to the former city twice to obtain the two halves. She later took the artifact with her to New Orleans in 1777, offering it to her stepmother Madeleine de L'Isle—the Master Templar in the southern colonies of North America—during her feigned conversion to the Templar Order.[1]

After killing her stepmother and the other Templars present, Aveline activated the Prophecy Disk by placing the amulet given to her by her mother, Jeanne. Aveline witnessed a message from Eve, recorded during the human rebellion against the Isu, showing the election of Eve as the rebel leader.[1]




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