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Proper Defenses was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward and Thatch set out to acquire a galleon for Nassau's defense.


Edward and Adéwalé met with Thatch and Kidd.

  • Thatch: Here's to our pirate republic, lads. We're prosperous and free, and out of the reach of kings, clergy, and debt collectors.
  • Kidd: Near five-hundred men now pledge their allegiance to the brethren of the coast in Nassau. Not a bad number.
  • Thatch: Truth. Yet we lack sturdy defences. If the King were to attack the town, he'd trample us.
  • Edward: Then let us find the Observatory. If it does what these Templars claim, we'll be unbeatable.
  • Thatch: Not that twaddle again, Kenway! That's a story for schoolboys. I mean proper defences. Steal a galleon, shift all the guns to one side. Would make a nice ornament for one of our harbours.
  • Adéwalé: It will not be easy to steal a full Spanish galleon. Have you one in mind?
  • Thatch: I do, sir. And I'll show you. She's a fussock she is. Fat and slow.

Edward and Thatch set out on the Jackdaw to find El Arca del Maestro.

  • Thatch: Your Jackdaw handles nice. Pinched her from the Spanish, was it?
  • Edward: Aye, in the midst of a hurricane.
  • Adéwalé: Just before the treasure fleet was smashed against the shore.
  • Thatch: Was the haul aboard as rich as men are saying?
  • Edward: A thousand times that. I reckon a million pounds worth of reales were sunk that day.
  • Thatch: Devil love a hurricane! Might have a dive there one day. See what we can rummage up.
  • Adéwalé: Diving them wrecks would be a nice change of pace for us. No need for violent actions against merchants and such.
  • Thatch: Well! That's some soft talk coming from a pirate. And as it happens... I mostly agree. We'll save the clashing of cutlasses for the military, and them that get in our way. Easy as she goes. No telling what you may find out here.
  • Adéwalé: Like staring through a waterfall.
  • Edward: Don't soil your breeches, lads. I got this.

The Jackdaw tailing El Arca Del Maestro

Edward spotted the galleon and started tailing her.

  • Adéwalé: That ship's a monster! Look at the size of her!
  • Thatch: Aye. And we'd not last long face to face with her. You hear that, Kenway? Keep your distance, and we'll strike when fortune favors us.
  • Edward: Under cover of darkness, most likely.
  • Thatch: Aye, it may come to that.

They observed several smaller ships attacking the galleon.

  • Thatch: Charles Vane. He's as reckless as they come.
  • Edward: An old friend of yours?
  • Thatch: Not a man I'd call a friend. But we've been doing this kind of work for so long, I can't help but respect the man.

The galleon fired its mortars, forcing the Jackdaw to evade the fire.

  • Thatch: Charles Vane, slinking off with his tail between his legs. That's good news for us.

Several smaller ships showed up to protect the galleon.

  • Thatch: Bleeding bastards! We'll have to deal with this skirmish fast. Forget the galleon and send these interlopers to hell.

Edward telling Thatch about Du Casse

Edward sank the Spanish gunboats.

  • Edward: She's sailing for that island.
  • Thatch: I know the place. A natural stronghold used by a French captain named Du Casse.
  • Edward: Julien du Casse? The Templar?
  • Thatch: Name's right. Didn't know he had a title.
  • Edward: I know the man. And if he sees my ship, he'll know it from his time in Havana. Meaning he may wonder at who's sailing her now. I can't risk that.
  • Thatch: And I don't want to lose that galleon. Let's think on it... and maybe wait till it's dark before hopping aboard.


Edward learned where the galleon made berth, and the identity of its captain, the Templar Julien du Casse.



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