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Prologue was a virtual representation of one of Jack the Ripper's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jack the Ripper and Jacob Frye face off against each other, each determined to rid Whitechapel of the other.


  • Narrator: For twenty years, after the Assassins defeated the Templars in London, the city enjoyed a certain peace. Until the Autumn of Terror... In 1888, London is plunged into shadow and fear, by a series of gruesome and unsolvable murders. The brothels of Whitechapel seem warm and safe by comparison to its streets... where prostitutes are being mutilated, and left on grotesque display for the world to ogle... Jacob Frye hunts the elusive killer to bring an end to the Terror of Jack the Ripper.
  • Arthur: Get a move on, Mr. Finch, this is the story of a lifetime.
  • Jacob: Mr. Weaversbrook, I know you have more of the Ripper's letters.
  • Arthur: I told you to stay away from me...
  • Jacob: Stop publishing his letters... You've turned an unknown miscreant into a legend—and that's exactly what he wants.
  • Nellie: Jacob! Thank God I found you, it's the Ripper—he's done it again!

Nellie led the two men to the crime scene.

ACS Prologue 5

Jacob looking at a clue left behind by Jack

  • Nellie: Katey? Oh, he can't, no, he can't have... And Lizzie? Not both, not in one night...

Jacob handed Nellie a purse.

  • Jacob: Nellie, remember what I said. Now go.

Jacob activated his Eagle Vision to find clues.

  • Jack: How many more Assassins must die before you see the truth?
  • Jacob: Only one more, Jack.
  • Jack: You should have believed, Jacob... Now, I will hunt you down.

A chase between Jacob and Jack ensued.

  • Jacob: I know you're there, Jack. The master of terror is afraid to show himself, is he?
  • Jack: I am your shadow, Jacob. I will gut every last one of them if that's the quickest way to you...
  • Jacob: Come on, you monster, let's be done with this!
  • Jack: Run all you like, Jacob. I will catch you... I need only follow your scent...the scent of a wounded animal... There is nowhere you can hide from me.
  • Constable: Look sharp, lads! Someone just ran past sayin' there's a killer on his tail!
JtR Prologue 03

Jack pursuing Jacob

Jack killed a police officer before confronting Jacob in a cemetery.

  • Jacob: Stop! You want me, Jack? Come and kill me!

A fight ensued between the two men.

  • Jacob: This is not our way...
  • Jack: This is my Creed.

Jacob continued to flee.

  • Jack: You cannot escape me.

Jack used his Eagle Vision to follow Jacob's trail, only to find him escaping in a carriage.

  • Jack: Scurry back to your hole, little mouse...

Later, Jack confronted Jacob at his home.

  • Jack: Going somewhere, Jacob?
  • Jacob: Jack, you're sick.
ACS Prologue 9

Jack standing over Jacob

The two continued their fight, Jack getting the upper hand.

  • Jack: Don't you see the irony, brother...?
  • Jacob: Jack...
  • Jack: Only you know who the 'Ripper' is... But you can't tell a living soul...because it would destroy you, and the Assassins.

Jacob tried to dash for a nearby pistol.

  • Jack: No, no, no, NO!

Jack managed to pin Jacob down before he could reach the weapon.

  • Jacob: Jack. We can fix you.
  • Jack: Fix ME? I am the solution.

Jack knocked Jacob out, ending the fight.


Jack got the upper hand in London, eliminating Jacob as a threat to his plans.



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