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Prologue was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Finding himself captured aboard a ship, Alonzo Batilla made efforts to escape.


A pirate ship belonging to Olivier Levasseur came upon a merchant ship and fired into it. Down in the hold, Alonzo began to speak with another captive named Jumao.

  • Alonzo: The ship is under attack!... Maybe we'll have a chance to escape!
  • Jumao: You should get used to these ropes... With men like us... they never come off.
  • Alonzo: It will take more than ropes to hold me back, friend!

Meanwhile, on top deck, Olivier – infamous under the name La Buse – called for the merchant Captain Barnes' surrender.

  • La Buse: Surrender, merchant! I am Olivier Levasseur... Also known as La Buse! And I need to enlist some of your men!
  • Barnes: You've killed my men, pirate!... But I have a couple of bilge rats that should fit the bill!
  • La Buse: Rats, you say...

La Buse entered the hold of the merchant ship and came upon Alonzo and Jumao.

  • La Buse: What have we here?... The insubordinate and the unworthy?
  • Alonzo: What do you want?
  • La Buse: Join me or die, lost souls!... I am about to send this ship to Neptune's lair!
  • Alonzo: Aye!

Back on La Buse's ship, the call to sink Barnes' ship was given, destroying it. After doing this, Levasseur spoke with Alonzo again.

  • La Buse: Who are you, prisoner?
  • Alonzo: Alonzo Batilla! A Frenchman, left to rot by my king after risking my life for his crown!
  • La Buse: A Frenchman with a Spanish name?... A prisoner and a liar!
  • Alonzo: Don't mock me! I'll cut you up and gut you like a fish!
  • La Buse: You show promise. I won't take you aboard my ship but I might give you a ship of your own!

La Buse handed Alonzo a small gunboat – the Serpent – to command.

  • Alonzo: My own ship?!
  • La Buse: No bigger than my first command... Meet me at Scorpion Reef once you master your vessel!

Levasseur sailed off, leaving Alonzo behind with Jumao.

  • Jumao: From prisoner to captain in one day... You are graced with more luck than I ever had!
  • Alonzo: Enough for two men... Let's see how we handle this vessel!

The pair sailed forward, passing through a cove, until they spotted a ship.

  • Jumao: I see a ship dead ahead!
  • Alonzo: Our first prize!

The pair sailed towards the ship, entering into combat with it, and made the first attack.

  • Jumao: Nice shot!... Now wait until the cannons are reloaded to fire another volley!

Upon dodging their opponent's two volleys and using spider shot to interrupt their attacks, Jumao called for the ship's destruction.

  • Jumao: Sink this ship, captain!

With the next volley, the ship was destroyed, and its cargo floated on the waves.

  • Jumao: Well done, Alonzo! It's time to collect our bounty!

Using the Serpent's grapple, Alonzo retrieved five sets of cargo from the wreckage.

  • Alonzo: This pond is too small for buccaneers of our caliber!... Let's sail to Scorpion Reef!

The pair sailed for Scorpion Reef.

  • Jumao: La Buse's ship is far from our current position... Set a course!


With the help of Olivier Levasseur, Alonzo and Jumao escaped captivity, gained command of the Serpent, and made their first successful attack on another vessel, before sailing for Scorpion Reef to meet with him again.


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