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Project Anthropos was a scientific effort by the Æsir branch of the Isu to create the human race. Originally begun with the sole intent of having the humans worship their creators as gods,[1] other Isu soon saw the benefits of the docile beings and forced them to a subservient slave workforce.

Commissioned around 2161 Isu Era (c.75,145 BCE) under the supervision of the "Father of Understanding" Yaldabaoth, the "Mother of Wisdom" Saklas, and the "Sacred Voice" Samael,[2] Project Anthropos sought to create a species in the Isu's own image that was extremely resilient, but completely subservient.[3] The project's first success was achieved when the Isu scientist Phanes using blueprints left by Consus successfully manipulated the DNA of a pre-existing species to force a rapid evolution into a form more suitable for the project's goals.[4] Despite this success, however, subservience proved to be an issue and the project was threatened with closure by the Isu Authority in Eden.[5]

Running parallel to Project Anthropos was a separate initiative that sought to develop the adamant-powered Apples of Eden, and by implanting a neurotransmitter into the brains of Project Anthropos' human creations, subservience to the Apples of Eden was achieved.[3]

Despite Phanes' eventual exile from Eden and flight to Atlantis following his falling in love with a human and the surgical removal of her neurotransmitter—an act which saw all mention of his name wiped from Isu histories, but also led to the birth of Eve, the first hybrid—the Project was initially considered a success.[6]


  • Project Anthropos' name derives from the Greek word anthropos (ἄνθρωπος) for 'human'.



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