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Prodigal Daughter was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline returned home from her journey to Mexico, and was greeted by Gérald Blanc, who informed her of the changes that had taken place in New Orleans.


Aveline entered the warehouse, surprising Gérald.

  • Gérald: Aveline! I-
  • Aveline: Gérald! You look as though you've seen a ghost. I left Chichen Itza the moment it was secure.
  • Gérald: Then you were... successful?
  • Aveline: De Ferrer... will no longer trouble us.
  • Gérald: But there is more to this story.
  • Aveline: Always...
  • Gérald: I have much to tell you as well. The Spanish are... sympathetic to our aims now. New laws may... ease your efforts to help the slaves.
  • Aveline: Could it be that for the first time, home holds more comfort than conflict?
  • Gérald: With you back, it feels like home again. I'm afraid I must now spoil your homecoming with... business. There has been... strange activity. Men in Spanish uniforms raising havoc in the bayou.
  • Aveline: Still? I thought you said Spanish interests are now aligned with ours.
  • Gérald: That's what makes it so... strange.
  • Aveline: Are they secretly working for-
  • Gérald: That's what we need to find out. I have one lead. An informant has seen a man bribing soldiers in town. For whom?
  • Aveline: I'll investigate.

Aveline prepared to take her leave.

The Prodigal Daughter 3

Gérald giving Aveline her weapons

  • Gérald: Aveline, aren't you forgetting something?
  • Aveline: Please Gérald – now is not the time...
  • Gérald: I er... uh... merely meant to give you-
  • Aveline: Oh... er... Thank you. It's been too long.

With her weapons now restored to her, Aveline went out to locate the recruiter. Finding him by a small church, she tailed him through the market until he reached a pair of guards.

  • Recruiter: As you can see, my employer is prepared to be very generous.
  • Guard: So it seems.
  • Recruiter: Then you will join our cause?
  • Guard: Si. (Yes.)

The recruiter spotted Aveline.

  • Recruiter: Stop her!

Aveline chased the recruiter, but he managed to escape into a fort located within the city.


Aveline tracked down the recruiter, but failed to apprehend him.



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