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Prizes and Plunder was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Benjamin Hornigold took Edward out to sea to teach him how to plunder ships.


Kenway met with Edward Thatch and Benjamin Hornigold on the beach.

  • Thatch: Morning, Kenway.
  • Hornigold: Not a bad looking tinderbox you got there.
  • Edward: You sound a bit green, Hornigold. Is it envy? Because mine's bigger than yours?
  • Hornigold: No, I reckon it's this Jamaican funk. I prefer the Spanish stuff. So you've got yourself a fancy brig now. Fine. Well I'm going to teach you how to sail her right, and how to take a prize the proper way. Thatch, we'll catch you up at the old fishing village.
  • Thatch: Aye.

The men then boarded the Jackdaw.

  • Hornigold: Where's your helmsman, Kenway?
  • Edward: I take pride in piloting my own ships, Ben. Keeps me alert.
  • Hornigold: Let's make some headway, shall we?
  • Edward: I've no need for schooling. How many prizes did we take together as privateers?
  • Hornigold: There's a chasm of difference between joining a raid, and captaining one. We're looking out for merchants, boys. Them that's fat with cargo. Find us a schooner with that spyglass, Kenway. You'll get yourself a glimpse of what sort of cargo they're shipping, and a general idea of their toughness.
    You won't find nothing squinting into the sun like that. Use your glass.
    Take out you glass, Kenway. Schooners are too small to peep with a naked eye.
    Are you trifling with me, lad? Take out your spyglass.
  • Edward: There's a prize worth taking.
  • Hornigold: Good! Take us in close. After you subdue a prize, project authority and demand respect that you would never give yourself. This weaves a spell over soft minds. For your victims must always have in the back of their minds the uneasy idea that you could snap at any moment and unseam them from prick to sternum. Fire what cannons you will, and land a few strikes if you must. But for God's sake don't sink her. It's no fun fishing cargo out of the sea. Although it can be done.

Edward disabled a schooner.

  • Hornigold: She's disabled now and taking on a decent amount of water. So keep your cannons quiet, and take care not to sink her.
    Ho ho! She's dead in the water. Steer up along side her.
    Lay up alongside her.

They then boarded the schooner.

Prizes and Plunder 6

Hornigold addressing the crew

  • Hornigold: (Good day to you sir!) I am Captain Hornigold and this is my crew. We're sailors like yourselves, but quite unalike in our purpose. For we intend to take all that you own. Yet no harm shall befall any man, so long as he remains at ease. Is that clear?
  • Soldier: (Don't kill me, sir! I have a family. Please!)
  • Hornigold: Anyone speak English? (English?)
  • Soldier: Little bit.
  • Hornigold: Tell your friends we're stealing your goods. And we won't hurt nobody if everyone stays as still as a sandbar. You got that?
  • Soldier: Ah... uh... Please to repeat?
  • Hornigold: Oh, for fuck's sake. Lock 'em in the hold, and take everything that isn't nailed down.

They returned to the Jackdaw.

  • Edward: It's a shaky feeling sailing around with this much stolen cargo.
  • Hornigold: Get used to it. We'll need to take a few more prizes to make this a profitable day.

They plundered another ship.

Prizes and Plunder 7

The Jackdaw approaching Salt Key

  • Hornigold: A good take today, Kenway. Half-a-dozen scores of that size and you'll be set for a year. Now let's sell this cargo and fix up your Jackdaw with a few more trinkets.
  • Edward: Sod a year. I'm looking for a prize that'll set me up for life. I'll be king of the West Indies then.
  • Hornigold: We came to Nassau to get away from the likes of kings.
  • Edward: Well... I'll be a man of property and promise anyway.
  • Hornigold: Jaysus, let that dream go, lad. Nassau is the place to be, not England.
  • Edward: Do you ever dream of the big score? A ship so full of gold and silver you just split it and sail home?
  • Hornigold: Sure, but it's only a dream. Every man hopes to find a dozen chests of gold with no owners, but they're as rare as an honest king.

Edward sailed to Salt Key Bank, where he bought a reinforced hull for the Jackdaw from the harbormaster.


Edward learned how to take prizes and upgraded the Jackdaw.


  • In the cutscene where Benjamin Hornigold addresses the captured Spanish crew, the color of the inner decks of the schooner is a British one despite being a Spanish ship.
  • A trailer of Black Flag features the cutscene where a soldier begs for mercy to Hornigold where the schooner is painted the Spanish colors and the soldiers' uniforms are white.



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