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Kassandra holding onto the artifact

The Prize of Cerberos was an Atlantis artifact, leftover pieces of technology created by the Isu, in Aletheia's simulation of Elysium and Hades.

The artifact was a part of the Olympos Project, and was capable of transmutating its host. The Isu Persephone used this artifact to transform the dog Ros into Cerberos, until it was seized by the Spartan misthios Kassandra at some point during the 5th century BCE.[1][2]

The artifact, alongside another used to create the Hekatonchires, was ultimately used in a mechanism by Kassandra, initiating the destruction of Atlantis.[3]



  • Due to Cerberos' nature as a simulation, it is unknown if it or a similar creature was ever a part of the Olympos Project proper and if the Prize of Cerberos was an actual Atlantis artifact outside the simulations.



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